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  1. Yes, life is finite and we can't get out of it alive. Motivation – motive. Motive – an objectified need. These are the circumstances that made us want something. motivation can be external or internal, positive or negative. It is supported by something positive or negative. Negative reinforcement is very effective – a person can learn to do something from the first time, if he is very much frightened or a person is afraid to achieve results with fear. People usually learn well and quickly, often out of control. As a rule, this is pressure from relatives, perhaps friends or teachers, mentors, etc. Positive reinforcement – people do something to get praise from an important person for it, or money, fame, attention, all sorts of pleasures, etc. The basis from childhood, as a rule, to be good in the eyes of parents (to be proud of for example) and life examples of other people or friends and relatives, some events, such as Gagarin's flight into space-many young people wanted to become pilots and cosmonauts.

  2. You will die, and your life is meaningless. But how do you have the motivation to ask such questions? Maybe you hope that life isn't meaningless after all?

  3. Yes, we will die. Some earlier, some later. So wouldn't it be better, instead of all this moaning and useless thinking, to just live life vividly?

    The search for the meaning of life is nonsense. we came here to live and enjoy life. To do this, you don't have to “work hard” at work, you can choose a pleasant activity with sufficient income.

    You can whine about how bad everything is, or you can choose the joy of living. You can be unhappy, or you can choose happiness.

    Yes, it's all just a matter of choice. What do you choose?

  4. Life can and should be filled with meaning, for this we have everything provided by God. And all the rest of the above are some of the tools for filling life with meaning, but they are not mandatory. To fill life with meaning, it is better to try to work on perception and reactions. To see the good in people, to try not to judge them, not to pay attention to all sorts of small problems, to thank God for every day you live. This little work on your soul will help you find the strength for more mundane things. Just put the meaning of life in improving on yourself and work to the best of your abilities and abilities, until you yourself start to fight, you will not see what they are doing for. Initially, someone takes an example from their parents, someone from smart books, someone sees beauty in the world around them and this makes them work to feel this beauty inside themselves, someone is inspired by people, business, body, food, everyone has their own “carrot on a stick”. Here it is important to follow your soul and conscience, to love your soul, then you can find the way.

  5. You see, humans (and not just humans, but all living things that are capable of learning) have a biological reward system that makes us feel good in response to some evolutionarily useful actions and events.

    Evolutionarily useful-to survive and leave more offspring. Therefore, for survival, our body praises us with all sorts of endorphins and we get joy. Since joy is pleasant to receive, we try to get it more often, so we do all sorts of evolutionarily useful things regularly.

    And society requires a variety of actions from us, which then, in a chain, allow us to perform actions that bring us joy.

    That is, our reward system will reward us if we eat delicious food, find a couple, and there are a lot of other small things like social interactions…

    And society tells us: to eat for money, to find a couple, you need to look good and have a home, to get the joys of social interactions, you also need to pay.

    And we go and work. All for the sake of endorphins in the end. The meaning of life is to get as much endorphins as possible.

  6. Just our perception of time (and therefore life) is very original… We sincerely believe that dying at 80 is much more interesting than dying at 30. That dying in a comfortable environment is not like dying under a fence… And on a large scale, we do not believe in the reality of death. We know about her, but she's somewhere… And not with us… Most of our lives we live in eternity… Which often seems endless to us…

  7. Every desire we have, whether to go to the movies or win a Nobel Prize, is a consequence of the presence in the brain of a corresponding source of arousal. As long as there is a focus of arousal, there will be a need. As long as there is a need, there will be action. So nothing makes absolute sense. Everything makes sense when applied to a particular brain.

    The focus of arousal that generates any of the possible aspirations is the brain's response to information coming from the outside world, and contributes to the formation of an adequate response to this information. This mechanism has been fixed evolutionarily.

    The presence of a focus of arousal is an unstable state of neural activity. And every system in this world tends to get rid of excess energy, otherwise-to come to balance. Our brains are no exception. Thus, our entire life, with all our aspirations, is an endless attempt by the brain to find peace in a world full of impersonal information for it.

  8. In addition to the meaning of life, there are also such prosaic things as rumbling in the stomach, cold and a communal bill. Not everyone has a source of passive income or wealthy sponsors so that they can avoid working and concentrate only on existential thoughts.

    And nature has made a trick for us all, arranging so that a person can not just stop existing by refusing to eat. The instinct of self-preservation is called. The feeling of hunger is so unbearable that it forces anyone to fight it with all their might. Similarly, cold, pain.

    So we are all looking for something to eat, how to earn a living, how to eat better and tastier (and therefore earn more), and how to dress warmer and not walk on our own two feet, but ride with the wind.

    And after meeting these needs, the following ones appear : social life, communication, status, attention and support. Maslow's pyramid.

    And yes, at the top of this pyramid, you suddenly realize that you are still missing something… Oh, right, the meaning of life! Washed it off for me! Give me some sense, please!

    But there isn't one. And there is no answer – only wolves howl and the wind chases a bag from the supermarket.

    Such is it, the human share. In the next life, you can try to be born as a butterfly.

  9. Faith, Hope, and Love are our eternal inseparable friends. We all believe in something, hope for something, love something or love someone. They accompany us for the rest of our lives, as opposed to the fear of death. Mother Nature took care of that.

  10. Grandpa Freud has already given the answer, all people are ruled by sex, hunger and thirst for power.

    This is what motivates you to achieve.

    And those who say that all this is meaningless, either already have everything, or have nothing and complain that life is unfair to them.


  11. FEAR OF DEATH and PAIN. On this subject, there is a drug that provides life and DEGRADATION. AN INVOLUTION. based on reproduction and consumption, getting forgotten and even some satisfaction for prolonging a MEANINGLESS life-dying.

    If you look at it in a purely materialistic way, then, yes, it is absolutely meaningless. And science can't find the answers either. If you include thinking, psychology and philosophy as Your own thinking, and not as a science, then YOU CAN find answers. In the end, the question OF the FOUNDATIONS of the universe. Anyone who breaks down on the path of thinking, grabbing the first thought-falls into religion, esotericism. But if you think, you will understand that You are the Creator, and not just of your own life, but of a Life that begins BEYOND reproduction and consumption. But that's another story.

  12. Call it what you want but for me it's more convenient-a person is a biological computer and we have programs embedded in us and we live according to the laws of these programs, which ones we can bypass and which ones we can't

  13. The meaning of life is in the present moment. Abstract thinking is a tool that allows you to either realize this meaning through the experience of the past and forecast the future; or “lose” it. It all depends on the ability to use this tool.

  14. The author, as I understand you, why the extra fuss, just live every day in the moment and no longer need to worry and chase, I also think!

    And if people are worried, then maybe they just think that they will live forever, so they are in a hurry to get more property))

  15. Want a theological answer? According to the Jewish concept, in the soul of a person there are two principles, good and evil. Evil is given by God, so that a person can resist this principle, earning a reward in this and the afterlife.�

    The evil principle performs two functions: on the one hand, it confuses a person in every possible way (“why do you need to study for an exam right now, it's better to sit in social networks for a couple of minutes, relax”). On the other hand, it is responsible for all sorts of passions and ambitions (“I want to be respected”, “I want to put together a model in the club” (c)).

    In the Talmud, there is a legend about how the sages of that time for a few days abolished carnal passion as such, in everyone and everywhere. As a result, the chickens stopped laying. In the same Talmud, there is a saying ” Envy between learned people gives rise to wisdom.”

    Building a career and personal life, despite the common ending in the form of death, is a positive aspect of the action of the evil principle. We have passions and ambitions that we want to realize. Therefore, the world continues to exist and develop.

  16. Just so that it is not meaningless..the period of time that we live in must be filled with something,because logically, then you can ask a counter question. Why then be born??…�

  17. I think there are several stages in the evolution of “awareness”(let's call it that). At the initial stage, we don't even think about the meaning of life. We want to become better, we want to become adults. To deprive yourself of any restrictions. Motivation for life. Then, as we grow up, we use what we have and enjoy what we see around us. And then, for the first time, we think, and ask ourselves “Why do we need all this?”�

    Reasoning on this topic does not lead to anything good. Then we either chase these thoughts away from us, setting ourselves some goals and trying to achieve them, or realizing the meaninglessness of existence, or realizing the meaning of our existence hidden from us(which, by the way, may be unprofitable for us), stop improving and degrade.

    So it turns out that people who want to study, get a job, suffer, beat their heads against the wall, just drive away reasoning and thoughts about the meaninglessness of existence. Replacing the resulting void with invented goals for themselves and invented, by themselves, for themselves, meaning.

  18. I read this idea that people live in a” compartment ” of today, and the future seems to them something distant and vague. It is difficult to disagree with this, and this is due to our animal nature: we know that one day we will die, but our brain does not know about this, and every second it does everything to continue our life. This is also due to our human nature: knowing that everything will end one day, we try to distract ourselves from this, and we are distracted by our daily affairs, which become our life. Hence the motivation for all these and many other actions. The meaning of life is in life itself.�

  19. I read this idea that people live in a” compartment ” of today, and the future seems to them something distant and vague. It is difficult to disagree with this, and this is due to our animal nature: we know that one day we will die, but our brain does not know about this, and every second it does everything to continue our life. This is also due to our human nature: knowing that everything will end one day, we try to distract ourselves from this, and we are distracted by our daily affairs, which become our life. Hence the motivation for all these and many other actions. The meaning of life is in life itself.�

  20. This is not a simple question that requires deep study and internal processing of all your ideas and concepts. Of course, the time is very long, but also interesting (not the word!).

    There are at least two ways to find answers to this kind of question: active through the study of what has already been written by someone and once stated in writing and through the observation of Nature. But for the modern intellectual Westerner, it is better to synthesize these two types of knowledge. Namely, by observing Nature and contemplating the inner ” I ” first to realize, feel, and then in an internal dialogue with the help of books to find an intellectual understanding (the design of the conscious in the form of words and expressions). Previously, in the East, the method of internal (not active) search for answers to one's own questions (and the main one) was called contemplation. This is a certain stage of spiritual evolution that everyone goes through in one way or another. Modern conditions require a reduction in the period of contemplation and a transition to active search.

    What you have called “motivation “in the Eastern Teaching is called”divine spark”. What is the divine spark, the seed of the spirit (or the synthesis of the three highest principles of man according to Blavatsky's classical theosophy) and its accumulation (i.e., the pages of the Book of Lives), the cyclical fall into matter and the ascent from it to spirituality, the spiral of Life, etc.similar concepts about life, the essence of which is in consciousness, are set out in all the Teachings of the East, including modern ones — the Secret Doctrine and the Teaching of Living Ethics (Agni Yoga).

  21. The instinct of self-preservation has not been canceled. It is he who makes you climb, even in defiance of fate – to set goals, study, work, and so on, who needs what according to his (her) nature.

  22. If there is no God, then there is no meaning to intelligent life. It is reasonable that most of the writers here forget. There is no such question for a believer. Well, you keep putting forward hypotheses, it amuses me.

  23. I like the position of an observer,I want to see the sunset of life on planet earth either manually or semi-automatically.When the Chinese launched something nuclear after the virus.Neither the Russians nor the Chinese can manage the money they got everything by accident.

  24. Socrates asked a similar question and came to this conclusion: “An unconscious life is not worth living,” but a conscious one is not a gift at all.”

  25. People are looking for love. They want to be loved. This is the very first driving force. The second is to love yourself. When a person receives love in the form of recognition, satisfaction of material and physical losses, or directly from another person, he has the strength to do something, because he is happy and wants to give love to others himself. Someone receives love directly from God, believing that He loves him (the person) and gives him everything he needs. If a person has not received enough love for himself that he needs to want to give it to others, then he will feel meaningless, feel unhappy, or simply feel an emptiness that draws in – this is the call of the inner child to pay attention to him and give him what he lacks. There are two ways to develop love: to give it to others or to give yourself as much as you need, so that then there is a desire to share it with others. In the first case, you will have to constantly experience pain until all selfishness runs out and not everyone decides to do this. Therefore, when we are told “go help the sick/poor”, we may experience aggression or discontent, saying ” what should I do? I don't have the resources to do that.” Resources, even internal ones, can always be found if there is a desire. But to be honest, the greatest pleasure and happiness for me is when I give myself love, because I have no one closer to me and no one gives me what I need, even if I ask for it. Therefore, I am happy when my quiet inner requests are fulfilled and given attention.

  26. The whole meaning of life is in life itself. What sets us apart from the rest of the animal world is our”built-in” capacity for self-improvement. That is why, in addition to our animal functions, we have a need for cognition.

  27. The words of astronaut Jerry Linenger: “We all live on this earth not because of something, but in spite of everything. Our very existence on this Earth seems incredible. And since you and I are so lucky, let's take advantage of it!”

  28. There is such a saying “What matters is not the goal itself, but the path leading to it”, it is about socialism and does not directly relate to the question, but in my opinion it is perfect for the answer!
    When one accepts the fact that we are all going to die, one can just relax and wait for death. But why?)
    For example, I want to spend this period of time enjoying and fulfilling myself as a person, friend, son, husband, brother, specialist, entrepreneur.
    This is why I got an education, work, communicate with people, and I did all this-and I don't do it just for show, it all brings me pleasure.
    Because of all this, I can't imagine myself sitting idly by or God forbid committing “Roskomnadzor”.
    You set a goal – you reach it, get high and move on!�


    This is my opinion and my answer, I am a hedonist in my life and my opinion may differ from yours

  29. There is no meaning in life, not a penny. And that's the beauty of it . We are free to create our own meaning. Live for what we want, whether it's a treat or a thrill, for a treat or something. I think if everyone had the same meaning of life, then life would not be so diverse.

  30. There is a law of Life, it is a Struggle for Life. There are conditions for life, there is life. If there are no conditions , there is no life.

    Man is no different from all living beings, so he clings with all his might to life, to the continuation of life. At the same time, humanity has also violated this law of nature. It developed to the point that there were opportunities for motivation to live “beautifully”, and not just survive. Desecrated people no longer live, but survive.

  31. The “person” must move from the level of identification (I am a man, I am a woman, I am a man) on the level of I – life itself. Then, and only then, does it become clear that death is just a mental representation. The meaning that can be put into a concept is not able to explain being itself. The human form of life is also given for the realization of these “things”.


    Life is a dancer, and you are a dance.

    Eckhart Tolle

  32. Stupid question pessimist, you are given life and you start with we will die, yes, but short or long is life in all its diversity, good and bad, turn around to the world of plants and animals,lives and still pleases us,humanity, civilization is not empty words,not meaningless and every life is a step forward,and there is always a goal, maybe common,maybe personally yours….

  33. Hope dies last. Life is a struggle for life. A person has violated this basic law of life, so lazy people have similar questions – why bother, if I have a full pocket of food. Motivation is in the genes to survive. And another violation of the law of life will be the “elimination of motivation”, because robots will do everything for a person.

    The meaning of life is there, but it is not understood and will not be accepted because of the insatiability of man. Looking at the processes of the earth's ecology, it's time to understand that the Meaning of Life is to preserve life on earth, and not in the pursuit of megacities, palaces, cars…. Not in the” production ” of landfills and dumps. But every person has a PURPOSE in Life, not a MEANING.

  34. Remembered; “If you suffer for a long time — Something will work out!” Start tormenting yourself with the definition of the meaning of life that you need. Decide, you will get that he, I keep your sequence, perhaps rank, in school, getting a job, in suffering, in butting heads with a wall. If you don't know the purpose of all these actions. The most important thing is: don't deny them any ostentation. Otherwise? It turns out that you are guided by reflexes. And this, you will agree, is not Comme il faut.


    … Very ABSURD (to put it mildly,.. well, VERY gently)) the idea, because… then it's easy to ask neuroscientists to implant an electrode in your brain's pleasure center, … connect a circuit with a pedal to the electrode, pressing on which you can CONTINUOUSLY STAY IN a STATE OF PLEASURE, … FORGETTING ABOUT EVERYTHING ELSE (about food, family, sex, etc., etc.)…

    .. Similar experiments have already been conducted with RATS that did nothing but push the pedal UNTIL THEY were EXHAUSTED, UNTIL THEY DIED….

    .. So, gentlemen “RATS”, please contact physiologists, if being a rat is your destiny…))))…

    … For NON-RATS … I'll write to you later if I have time)))

  36. Well, here again, people take absolutely unfounded nonsense like “life is meaningless” out of their heads , and then they sort of “ask a question”. How can the author answer the question if he has covered his ears and does not want to understand the most elementary things?

    Of course, life is not meaningless. If it was meaningless, then the author did not type the text on the computer, but shouted uh-ah to another such savage.

  37. Well, here again, people take absolutely unfounded nonsense like “life is meaningless” out of their heads , and then they sort of “ask a question”. How can the author answer the question if he has covered his ears and does not want to understand the most elementary things?

    Of course, life is not meaningless. If it was meaningless, then the author did not type the text on the computer, but shouted uh-ah to another such savage.

  38. It doesn't make sense, people make up the meaning for themselves. And the body dictates to live well-fed, comfortable, leave behind offspring, raise them, have peace in their old age. That's all.

  39. a person must be a person bring material and spiritual benefits wisdom and nobility are the foundation of a person without this there is no meaning

  40. As Joe Dispenza writes, by the age of 35-36, a person becomes nothing more than a biorobot, his SOFTWARE is a team that has become rigid and ossified neural connections! A neuro – endocrine operating system was formed, and everything that can excite the nervous system has an automatic response, often very stressful, beating at one point in the” armor ” of the immune system, I gave an analog of the action of viruses and malicious code. They didn't go away either. And where did all this deadly infernal machine come from in our own lives? Right! This is our imperfect mind, our own thoughts or our thoughtlessness. And of course our favorite yesterday! The motive of learning and development is to become better than yesterday, analyze past mistakes and cut them off mercilessly, just really die for them! And let this robot get loose, because we are each a living plasma and a quantum entity-an echo of the existing Word and having every chance to be a living Word!

  41. This question is incorrect. Therefore, it is necessary not to answer it, but to ask counter-questions. Why, in the author's opinion, is life meaningless? Why all people are looking for motivation to suffer and beat their heads against the wall. If the author likes to suffer and beat his head against the wall, then why ask about all the people?

  42. Hello! yes, we are people with a mortal body and of course it is thought and felt. So why live then they will achieve some heights if after your death everything will go away. You see such questions do not arise for all people only for sound engineers for example career money love relationships marriage family children are not important to us. Everything is not enough for the sound engineer, because his desire for the immaterial to the spiritual world. The only way to discover God the Creator is to know yourself and find your true self. Understand why we are born, live and die.

  43. So it's meaningless to you. And for people, it makes sense. I'll tell you about how you went crazy. You've read about it in books. We thought about it and agreed. Then they read it at the university. Or the philosophy teacher said. And you wanted to be smarter. Or even to the right of the right. But in fact, it makes sense. It comes from our needs. Higher and lower ones. In short, you need to get a hammer on your finger. Or find yourself without money on the street. Or get sick and become a chronicler. And the head will fall into place. In the meantime, what can I do? Be smart and show off.

  44. Motivation comes from the fact that not only the result is important in life, but also the process. For example, when you watch a movie, you know that it will definitely end in an hour or two, but you still continue to watch it. Because the film is interesting. And in general, such reflections on the meaning of life belong to such a concept as”metaphysical intoxication”. It usually occurs in teenagers. If you are living a dull life, it is better to adjust your life in the present and get satisfaction from your achievements and joyful events.

  45. I have already said that the only meaning in life lies in hedonism. Everything, really everything, ultimately comes down to having fun. Even if it's not completely obvious. Therefore, in order to fully cover ourselves with a loved one, we need certain resources, both material and non-material. Isn't pleasure in all its forms the best motivation?

  46. A person gives meaning to his own life. Sets goals and goes to them. Well, in general – life is a pleasant thing. And most importantly, after it ends, it is somehow impossible to go back. What is the point of rushing the end of life, not the fact that you will like what will happen next. It is better to take the position of an observer and watch what is happening around, and even participate in something.

  47. Because this meaningless life(approximately 75 years) needs to be lived somehow and lived as well and comfortably as possible for yourself, and for this you need to: work (so that there is enough bread and butter), study (so that this job is given), suffer and achieve your goals (otherwise there will be neither the first nor the second).

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