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  1. We live in warm houses with heating, eat delicious inexpensive healthy food, wear beautiful things, use complex household appliances, vehicles, take medication, communicate on the networks, consume information products and content. So that we have all this now, many,many people have worked long and hard and are still working. Just a hundred years ago, there was no elementary electricity. A man took an axe and went to cut down a tree so as not to freeze in winter. He had 8 children, of whom 4 died in infancy due to lack of medicine. If he had a toothache, he simply removed it. If he wanted to listen to music, he took the same axe and made himself a psaltery or pipe. If he was thirsty, he took a yoke and buckets and went to the river or to the well. If he needed trousers, he would go to gather flax or nettles, or shearl sheep to make thread and cloth.

    Now imagine if we have changed our lifestyle so much in a hundred years, what can we do in the next hundred years? Never before in history has an average person eaten as much as they do now. Our rockets fly into space and land back. We have factories where only robots work. A person, if he really wants to, can fly to the other side of the planet thousands of kilometers from home. It can use the web to find a friend or companion who lives anywhere in the world. It can find the necessary information in minutes. Can do a full medical examination of the body in one day. If all these people in the past hadn't spent their lives working, we wouldn't be living so easily now. They worked not only for themselves, but also for us. And we work not only for ourselves, but also for future people.

    Human consciousness is so evolutionarily formed that idleness and boredom are irritants, causes of stress. Therefore, a person can not do the same activities for a long time, it makes him sad. Performing socially useful tasks helps a person to neutralize this stress. He creates something, gets profit, recognition of society and finds satisfaction in it for himself. In the future, humanity will create such conditions that most people will not need to create anything. Everyone will have an income guaranteed by society, which is necessary for life support. In the next hundred years, life will become on average longer by more than one and a half times. Therefore, people will spend most of their lives playing. They will create virtual worlds for themselves, where they will need to solve some problems that either cannot be solved in the real world, or they have already been solved. Another part of people will basically give up games for personal reasons and will relieve stress not with the help of external distracting stimuli, but with the help of psychopractics, meditations, and various ways to calm the mind naturally.

    Happiness is made up of many elements. You can make your own cocktail from work, idleness, games, meditation, to find for yourself the appropriate proportion of ingredients that will most fully and permanently reveal your feeling of happiness. Maybe you need all of this, or maybe just one thing. As a result, everyone's life ends one day, no one knows when it will happen, so it is important to live each new day efficiently and contentedly.

  2. “Living for work” is the secularization and vulgarization of the Christian teaching about vocation (see here-1, here-2 and here-3). Vocation implies that what you do for others brings you inspiration and joy, even bliss. And if it doesn't work and you feel like a slave, then you haven't found your calling. We need to search.

  3. Our fathers and grandfathers were born slaves, but we are free citizens by birth.

    We can choose where to live, who to work with.

    At the same time, the start is of great importance: attitudes and principles come from parents, and education comes from them. Then the environment. etc

    If there are no debts, work allows you to eat and live, then you can continue to learn and develop, and by 35-40 you will already choose the CIRCLE to your liking.

  4. I don't think we're created. I think that we are the day before yesterday's monkeys who just lived for ourselves.�

    And that there is no objective meaning at all. At all.

    But we can choose it for ourselves, arbitrarily. And the need for meaning seems to have really developed in the course of evolution…

    To choose from. Meaning -�

    • the process itself (and that's all – but who decided that this is not enough?!).�
    • Or-pleasure.�
    • Or-creativity, which makes us a bit of Gods (Creators!).�
    • Or – something that you can sort of extend your personality, “I-concept” – your children, Homeland, professional results.�
    • Or-dreamy (terrible) fantasy about (not) saving the soul in Someone, in the next world; about getting out of the wheel of samsara, getting/not falling into Hell / Heaven, etc.�
    • Or in happiness, as an independent ultimate value.�
    • Or in love.�
    • Or…
    • Honestly, – as you want, I have already listed the main range; you can also choose the meaning of “work to live until you die”, of course, if you want))
  5. And how can you live if you don't produce everything you need for life? In order to live, one must either produce or take away in one way or another what others have created. Everyone chooses for themselves what they prefer.

  6. I'm writing because I saw the “help”call. Life is created not for work, but for overcoming the earthly self, in order to see your eternal future in thought. Just like that, you will not see it, for this you need to completely “trifle”, stop lying to yourself. But when you really embark on this path, you will realize that it is almost impossible not to lie to yourself. And when you exhaust all the internal resource of patience and shout that it is impossible to continue living like this, then… you will hear a soft response inside you. Who will tell you how to continue to live. Not abstractly, not figuratively, but quite specifically, only for your personal life. If you don't stop on this path, you will find me. And we'll go together.

    About the job. When you are absorbed in your personal and amazing work, then almost any work will be a joy to you. I had to marry for the third time, in the years far from youth. And my wife was married for the first time, although she was many years old. I asked during an intimate relationship: isn't it hard for you to put up with me not being skinny? She replied with such a happy smile: its own burden does not pull. But she did not accept eternal life.

    Anyone who is not drawn by the desire for eternal life will withstand all the hardships of rebirth into it.

  7. Good day! I hope you and the readers of “thequestion” will appreciate the answer. Let's be objective. Shakespeare also called everything a prison, but he spoke through the mouth of his character Hamlet, who called his homeland such, adding that it was the worst of prisons. But the thought of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, did not end there, because he added an important remark: “things in themselves are neither good nor bad, but only in our estimation. For me, it's a prison.” It is important to remember that a lot depends on our attitude. For example: there are people who work for $ 200-300 a month,and there are those who get $ 7,000, $ 10,000, and $ 18,000 a month, and someone is doing business, earning millions of dollars a month. And for all of them, life can be either bad or good, and a lot will depend on their views on life, on the prism through which they look at the world. Quote: “A healthy poor man is happier than a sick rich old man, but he does not know it.”An even more specific example: our body is a complex mechanism, with thousands of different physiological, biochemical, and biophysical processes constantly occurring in it every hour. So, some processes in it can be directed in the opposite direction, literally speaking, to give the opposite impulse: when we feel good, we smile, but if you smile in a neutral situation, or in a stressful one, then the reverse physiological process starts. The brain will receive a smile signal, and send another signal, then the release of the hormone endorphin in the blood will begin. Just like that, you can improve your mood to some extent. But there is another facet, so to speak, when it comes to financial well-being and financial independence. There are situations when people do not have independence in money, because they do not work for themselves, but for the employer, and they can not leave their jobs, because they do not have savings. But in Russia now salaries, even for doctors, scientists and teachers are low, what can we say about the rest of the majority of Russians. Of course, there is no point in working in such a way that the income is only enough to survive, without having savings either in the form of money or in the form of valuables. But so many people around the world live like this. And the number of those who are below the poverty line in Russia is only growing. It is not for nothing that it is said about Russia: “the country of slaves, the country of masters.” But since slavery has changed, and the standard of living in the world has grown significantly over the past few centuries, each person has more opportunities and chances for a better life than the antagonist in ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, or banal in the Middle Ages(dark Ages).

  8. We are created by who we think we are. If you see yourself as a slave, then you are a slave.

    If you see the Creator in yourself , you are the creator.

    You can't decide – you're a seeker.

    Good luck with your self-determination!

  9. Andrey, you are slightly wrong. I'll explain. Yes, in today's society, one of the means to meet our biological needs is money, which the majority of the world's population “earns” through work. Yes, the vast majority of a person's time is devoted to work and meeting their needs (sleep, food, solving everyday problems, rest, etc.), but! If you create such a structure in our society that will allow you to reduce work time to a minimum (say 1 month a year), and leave the rest of the time to a person for freedom of self-determination, then why did you think that they would turn into lazy fools?�

    (Yes, I think this is possible. At least for the reason that technologists allow it. Remember, for example, the “Manhattan Project”, about 250 thousand of the best minds on the planet gathered in order to implement weapons of mass destruction – and still made it!!! So what prevents you from creating a project of self-sufficient Humanity and implementing it, with current technologies?)�

    And nothing that modern humanity does not know the world around us, within the limits of our planet, even by 1%?

    Examples? Please!�

    1) The principle of constructing dense matter – We know that physically dense matter consists of a kind of “crystal lattice”, that is, these are atoms that are located at a strictly defined distance from each other. The question arises: Why, specifically, In THIS arrangement of atoms, does physical matter have such properties? hardness) and not something else (fluidity). That is, we know that water is two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, but why is water not three or four molecules of hydrogen, and why, in general, do these molecules combine and differ in SUCH a spatial arrangement, from each other, forming water with all its properties?

    2) Electric current is the directional movement of charged particles from plus to minus. Many people know this, but! And what are these very particles? Why should they move from plus to minus? And in general, what is the “plus” (positive potential) and minus (negative potential), What is its energy nature?

    3) Why are we still unable to synthesize the simplest living cell from chemical elements? Yes, we can remove and transplant the cell nucleus into another shell (cloning), but we cannot “force” the atoms from scratch to “arrange” them spatially so that we can get the necessary DNA with the necessary properties at the output, even if we know the necessary assembly (DNA code) in advance.

    Andrey, now imagine if we find the “key” to the spatial arrangement of atoms. We will be able to classify it, denote it (approx. spatial frequency of the atomic lattice), and even manipulate them? You understand that we will be able to design technologies based on a completely different principle, which WILL NOT have limited potential!!! The only limitations will be what “frequency range” we can manipulate.�

    After all this, the question of meaningless entertainment as an end in itself, the majority of the population disappears automatically. Why? I'll explain.

    It is easy to guess that after these discoveries, it will become obvious that the world around us (the Planet) is a complete energy structure, the elements of which are closely interconnected. And we as a part of this world as well. So why is it that by exploring the world around us, a person cannot improve the world around us and himself at the same time? While studying an interesting question for yourself? So this is within the limits of the planet, and issues and technologies on the scale of space, which is Latin for “order”?

    I believe that finding this “key” is only a matter of the near future.

  10. A fuzzy question implies multiple answers.


    1. If you are talking about the creation of a human being by someone, then the answer lies in the religious tradition that you adhere to.
    2. If you're talking about a system that turns naturally free people into slaves, then YES. We are created as slaves. All the upbringing and education that is drummed into us from infancy is given to us not for the sake of our self-development, but for the sake of our work for the rest of our life.
  11. I will not brainwash you with the idea of working for the common good, but I will express a different position.

    The modern world is designed in such a way that we work exclusively in order to be able to provide ourselves with the satisfaction of minimal needs (food, medicine, clothing, etc.), as well as “wishlist” (for example, delicious food, high-quality medicine, beautiful clothes, a more powerful computer, etc.). �No more than that. No one in their right mind would work for an idea and starve to death slowly.

    If you feel like the proverbial squirrel in the wheel, you have to work VERY hard to get what you want or simply cover basic needs, there are two options (and, looking ahead, both are correct): either your “wishlist” and needs are too large, or the conditions in which you are located are not suitable for meeting the needs and “wishlist”. And there are also two options for solving this problem: either you change the “wishlist”, or you are looking for other conditions. The third is not given.

    For all sorts of “public goods”, which some people so like to reproach those who always think first about themselves, then, if they want and if they can, about others (which is logical), you already pay taxes. You are not obliged to “earn” these benefits by any socially useful work.�

    And if you don't pay, it's okay, in general. First of all, you are not alone in this. Secondly, life is an extremely short thing, and you have every human right to spend it entirely on yourself, without sharing your daily bread with the state. The state will somehow survive.

  12. Monetize what you love and enjoy. Then you will not perceive the work as work. And life will be high) that's how simple it sounds. And if you don't like the work, it takes up all the time, then this is very, very bad work

  13. Life is made for happiness. Okay, this assumption may have a lot of asterisks, but in the end, all that people are there for is to be happier. And then it just remains for yourself to decide the question – and what makes me personally happier? And work for exactly that. Then you will live for happiness.

  14. The future, where you do not have to work, where they will pay for the bottomless space and rest, do you believe in this utopia yourself?) We still have almost a third of the country below the poverty threshold, and then something else will generate income from nothing. I am already silent about the average life span, which will not grow just like that either, whether you are left to yourself or not. Fantasies are fantasies, but the outcome described in the answer is impossible.

    A person has no meaning in life, no higher purpose or something like that. People fill in the gaps in the schedule and, in principle, in life with development. Personal development, development of a particular field of science, development at work, and so on. This is self-improvement for the sake of self-improvement. So yes, man is made to work. The expression “slave of the system” did not just appear.

  15. They were born free, but the centuries-old machine of enslavement begins to work already in the maternity hospital. Only 10% of people are able to get rid of slavery! pechalka 😒

  16. The meaning of life is to break out of the stable circle forever and become a rentier. Have rental property and live on rent. Nothing else is needed at all, just fun.
    If you managed to snatch a pretty boy while you were still young, if not ,then “passed the baton”

  17. The author confuses the concepts. Vocation and occupation of your favorite business and being forced to work. All conditions are created so that you would not have enough money, there was always little, that you would process the slave owners with great diligence. This topic can be divided into several pages of demagogy, but the bottom line is that the author is either an outright dumbass, or just a liar.

  18. Yes, in fact, absolutely true, if this is applied to the so-called majority. Theoretically, everyone has a “choice” to leave work, not to work, but there are constraints such as the risk of losing income and all the negative consequences of this, so a person has no choice and freedom, this is an illusion, he can only change the “master”, but the essence remains the same … a slave… to bend your line and organize the most interesting and favorite business, which would bring a decent income and pleasure and be completely independent, is obtained only by very few people… but still, there is no absolute freedom … since the time of the slave-owning system, in fact, little has changed, only illusions of freedom and independence have appeared, which can be called civilized slavery – a person is given birth, taught in school, in high school, in order for the slave to find his niche, then works, must give birth to his own kind, so that they then replace him, for this the owner provides certain incentives and indulgences, sometimes throws him a bone from the master's table, invents all sorts of social, religious, moral, etc.restraining factors so that the slave does not rebel and destroy the master… but if this happens, then the slave only takes the place of the master, and he immediately needs the same slaves…

  19. In principle, any animal should work hard to eat, although with the advent of technology, humans have a very slow but gradual rejection of heavy regular work, and probably the need for it will disappear due to automation and robotization of production, work will become mostly voluntary and creative, and everyone will have a guaranteed income, or something similar.

    But on the way to such a bright tomorrow there are real parasites, oligarchs, aristocrats, bandits, etc., these want to dominate other people and big money is a tool for them, and if large masses of people become unnecessary to them thanks to the same robots, they will launch programs of destruction and genocide without the slightest remorse, so the struggle with the powerful of this world is not only a way to

  20. To answer the question directly: a hopeless situation will remain so until you find this way out; and you will be a” slave ” as long as you position yourself in this way.
    But komuu here need self-evident evidence, let's talk.

    First, let me clarify that we are all not just created, but born (more generally, to create is a hyperonym for the particular to give birth). And they were born by humans, and not representatives of any other biological species (according to the same principle). The point is that unlike creatures (inventions, objects) that are driven by the creator's goal, unlike other living organisms that are driven only by their instincts, people have a number of” add-ons ” that allow them to realize, interact and modify themselves and the world around them.
    This series includes: consciousness – I am in the world, the world is in me; society and its rules – the world around me, consisting of similar … worlds?; intelligence-a tool for solving problems through memory and logic. Thus, due to the interaction of the above, as well as the intersection of accidents, the output is not just a person, but an individual. With a unique experience, a unique perception.

    Second, I ask you to explain the premise of the conclusion: “life is made for work.” Or is this your personal experience? Please respond.
    One way or another, this formulation is part of your world, your personality. Here I draw the line between your ” we ” and mine.

    As a matter of fact, in my world, a person is given a number of rights and freedoms at birth, allowing them to choose what and how long to do. And here we have such a thing as”free time”. This includes: the time between work and bedtime, at least one day off a week, holidays, vacations, as well as lunches, smoke breaks, and just the time when work is done but the working day is not yet completed.
    And it is precisely for the sake of free time that we live. In order to do what you want in your free time, and not what is necessary for existence. It is at this time of our lives that we get the most pleasure and, if we don't have meaning, at least we don't look for it.

    For us, work is a means, not a meaning.

  21. It's a good question, but it's not easy to answer. For me personally, the most acceptable answer to this question is the Revelation of the Holy Scriptures, which gives some explanations about this.
    First of all, man was originally created for enjoyment – while living in Paradise, he also had to do some work- (take care of the garden), but his work for him was a joy, a kind of creativity. When a person has sinned – he has lost his status, we can say that his fall has taken place-he has lost the freedom and position that he had. One of the punishments and some kind of redemption for him was labor – he was told so they say that..

    17 And he said to Adam, “Because you have listened to the voice of your wife, and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, saying,' Do not eat of it; cursed is the land for your sake; in sorrow you will eat of it all the days of your life.
    18 thorns and thistles it will bring forth for you, and you will eat the grass of the field.
    19 In the sweat of your brow you will eat bread, until you return to the ground from which you were taken, for you are dust and to dust you will return.
    (Genesis 3: 17-19)

    Earn your bread by the sweat of your brow – this is what you sadly noticed in your question. Of course, the curse of Adam, which somehow fell on all his descendants, is not the final stage – through faith in the Creator and returning to Him, a person can be saved from many curses such as failures, diseases, poverty, depression, hopelessness, hopelessness and many others, including the curses of cursed labor.

    20 If your son asks you in time to come, saying, “What are these statutes, ordinances, and laws that the LORD your God has commanded you?”
    21 Then you shall say to your son, ” We were Pharaoh's servants in Egypt, but the LORD brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand.
    22 and the Lord shewed signs and wonders, great and sore, upon Egypt, upon Pharaoh, and upon all his household, before our eyes;
    23 and he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land which he swore to our fathers to give us;
    24 and the Lord has commanded us to do all these statutes, that we were afraid of the Lord our God, that it might be well for us all the daysin order to preserve our lives, as now;
    25 and it shall be our righteousness, if we observe to do all these commandments before the Lord our God, as He has commanded us.”

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