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  1. Exactly the same as in other scientific theories-people want to know how the world works, how it works, what it was and what it will be.

    This knowledge has many different meanings:

    • knowledge is valuable in itself
    • knowledge allows you to develop
    • humanity, apparently, needs a cosmological myth and knowledge provides it
  2. It turns out that everything is a meaningless movement of matter, which at some stage, as a result of some meaningless fluctuation, created a meaningless cosmic mold-biological nature and you and me.

  3. The meaning of evolution is always the development, improvement of everything in general. All the realms of nature are evolving towards improvement. A person is destined to develop a rational part of himself, or in other words, wisdom, as well as a high type of morality, manifested primarily in love and care and compassion for others.

    Evolution is much more intelligent than we humans think. And the next step in the development of man and humanity is to realize the meaning of the further movement of evolution. This is what Plato said, that ideas rule the world. And when a person (and in the future humanity) grows up to understand and realize the world's ideas, it begins to grasp where evolution is moving next, how the universe and the cosmos work.

  4. Do not confuse the concepts of “evolution” and “theory of evolution”. A theory is, yes, a system of our ideas about the process of evolution. And the process of evolution itself is one of the manifestations of the movement of matter. Its inherent property. Therefore, it has no meaning, purpose, or reason. It is there because it is there. And evolution, by the way, is not only biological.

  5. Evolution is an abstract construct that describes the rules of a process. There is no sense in this as a subject characteristic a priori, since evolution is an object. That is, the very statement of the question provides for equating the object with the subject, and this is a classic logical and cognitive error.

    I'll give you an example – does multiplication make sense? It doesn't make any sense, these are just rules, but there is a specific result of the multiplication process, that is, the display of subjective relationships of the multiplication object in the form of, for example, calculating the area.

    The reasons for biological evolution are

    Chemical reactions with

    • By multiplication, having the properties:
    • Errors
    • Memorizations
    • Creating a system that affects the success of reproduction is natural selection.
      The last factor arises inevitably from the first 3.�

    These are the reasons, they do not have goals, that is, they do not have meaning and subjectivity a priori, as I wrote above.�

    Remove the chemical reactions and get an example of evolutionary programming.

    The difference from any other evolution, such as the evolution of the universe, is in the stability of the result of evolution, in infinite complexity, everything else is always destroyed globally.

    An even lower level of the causes of biological evolution are autocatalytic reactions of the 2nd and higher orders (hypercycles), which provide everything except memorization, respectively, these are pre-evolutionary processes that have prepared the building blocks for future evolution and, accordingly, life.

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