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  1. And what is the basis of the belief that if you do not die, then there would be some special meaning to live? If knowing that you will die, you can not find the meaning, then knowing that you are immortal, even more so you will not find it.

  2. Many philosophical treatises have been written on the question of the meaning of life, but they do not provide an unambiguous answer to this question that is suitable for everyone. I think the answer to this question is “what is the meaning of life?” everyone has to answer for themselves.

    However, what can be said in general: the existence and inevitability of death does not mean that life has no meaning! First, life itself can be interesting and give positive emotions. For some, this is what is important. And someone is important that the death of a person does not mean that he completely disappeared: after him there are children, his ideas, what he has earned in his life or, for example, built, etc.Someone sees the meaning of life in this. I think there's more to come, but the idea is that death doesn't make life meaningless, it just serves as a time limit.

  3. No matter what kind of lifestyle a person leads, his behavior and actions affect the world around him, sometimes without knowing it. They see it, remember it, take an example or condemn it, make decisions, actions, etc. All this affects the overall “tangle” of life. The meaning of human life is life itself. This is his mission on Earth. The soul is immortal. Reason is given to man for his development. When intelligent people go to another world, they don't come back. They stay in the bright world and continue to develop. The rest are born again for testing or remain, bearing individual terrible punishment. This opinion is not provable, but it explains everything.

  4. It seems to me that the meaning of life can not be found if you think that after death there will be nothing. For you personally, death will reset everything and make it meaningless. Life has meaning only if it somehow affects what will happen after death.

    Otherwise, all that remains is to seek temporary meaning, temporary solace in pleasure. Without faith in eternity, a person is like a one-day butterfly.

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  5. Of course, everyone dies. But you have been given time to prove yourself. Do something good! Help someone! Make someone happy and your life will have meaning!!

  6. the greatest meaning of life is the search for immortality and eternal youth, many people have been doing this, but there are very few books left, so my meaning of life, for example, I wrote to you ! this is the highest goal for me

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