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  1. If there was a sense before 35, then at 35 it should already be implemented. If it wasn't, then you should have already found it, or at least started looking. Although what is the magic of this figure? A modern person at this age still, as a rule, does not have any changes in the body and psyche that would fundamentally limit his capabilities, and at least another 10 years will not happen, or even more (here someone like). And not every meaning is connected with bodily capabilities. Take care of yourself.

  2. Is this a hint of a midlife crisis? Yes, around this time, many people realize that youth is behind them, but if you already have a lot of adult things to do, then it's not scary at all, the main thing is not to hang out in childhood. If you have a loved one, a favorite business (it is not necessary that it is your job), there are a lot of places where you want to visit and a lot of questions that need answers, then life, however, has something to do.

  3. As previous commentators put it, nothing in this regard changes dramatically by this age. But the question of the meaning of life after, say, 55 is more interesting. If you exclude the standard set of children/grandchildren, what can a person do in retirement?

  4. What's the point of living to 35?

    Everyone finds meaning in something for themselves. The problem is that very often we are influenced by society and therefore choose the meaning of life that does not belong to us at all. For example, everyone graduates from universities, goes to work, and starts families… But maybe not everyone needs this particular path?

    What should I do?

    1. Dig into the past and find what you wanted to do. Very often, the meaning of life is lost in childhood. For example, I really want to draw, but the teacher said that you are incompetent.

    2. Don't be afraid of the unknown and try new things. After all, why put it off when you can just give it a try? Do you want to become a psychotherapist? Well, don't quit your job, but sign up for training. That's exactly what I did.

    By the way, I advise you to read the book 12 rules of life, which reveals many aspects of life that affect its meaning.

  5. No matter how old you are, there is only one meaning in this life – to have fun. From food, from the sea, from the beach, from dancing, from love, from sex, from self-realization and much more! Do not worry, understand: we have one life, there will be no other, all you have is a pathetic (if you are lucky) 80 years. The meaning of any person's life is to live as long as possible and as cool as possible!

  6. What's the point of living to 35? I don't see any difference at all. Both at 14 and 20, I had questions about what is the point of my life now. And sometimes it happens that until 35/45 you don't see the meaning, and then your eyes open and it appears. It happens that ´┐Żlater. The main thing is not to live and think with some imposed stereotypes, they say you need to get married, you need to have children, you need to get rich, and at certain times, etc. It's all nonsense. You can decide your fate as you like in different periods of time, shuffle and shuffle. In general, no one really needs anything, except yourself, because you live your own life, and not others. “It's just that many people force themselves into a rigid framework, looking back at the opinion of the majority. Well, whose problems are these?

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