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  1. Maxwell's demon is a thought experiment illustrating the apparent paradox of the second law of thermodynamics, which says that the entropy of a closed system does not decrease. Well, or in another formulation, you can not transfer heat from colder to hotter.

    Let us imagine a vessel with gas, in the middle of which there is a partition, with an infinitely light door. Let a demon sit in the vessel, which monitors the gas molecules, and passes the colder ones to the left half, and the hotter ones to the right half. Then after some time we will get that on the one hand the gas has become colder, and on the other it has warmed up, entropy has increased. And no external energy was supplied to the system, no work was performed – this is a paradox.

    But it is allowed if you take into account that the demon itself needs an energy source to function and measure the speed of molecules.

  2. The second law of thermodynamics reads as follows:”The entropy of a closed TDS increases infinitely.” Maxwell came up with a mental problem that “deceives” this postulate: it is known that the thermal motion of gas molecules occurs with different energies, the vessel is divided into two parts by a partition, where there is a gate, opening and locking which, the demon separates fast particles from slow ones, thereby ordering the entropy of the system, in other words, creating a perpetual motion machine, which is prohibited by the second law of thermodynamics. The problem is that in reality there are no Maxwell's demons who do work “for free”, and both the “most high” and the “all-low”have to pay!!! And now, please note, this is purely my analogy: “Any streamlet could climb Mount Everest (internal energy would be enough!!!), but it does not need it!!!”or” Heaven on Earth is impossible due to the loss of energy in the form of heat!!!”

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