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  1. A simulacrum is a representation (image, image) of a non-existent reality. From Baudrillard's point of view, the relationship between image and reality has changed in such a way that the image replaces reality, becomes more primary.

    There is, for example, a wonderful drink “pumpkin spice latte”. It was invented in 2003. Take a look at the advertisement – ripe, juicy pumpkins are everywhere.

    In reality, a small amount of pumpkin syrup was added to the pumpkin latte in 2015, after a change in the recipe. Before that, there was nothing pumpkin-flavored in the pumpkin latte. Generally. Advertising images referred to something that was not in reality. But the pumpkin latte remained pumpkin for everyone, because the image is more important than the real one.

    Open the fashion catalog or gossip column and see photoshopped photos of models and pop stars. No one says that these are” bad”, distorted photos of them. On the contrary, if you see a real woman with bags under her eyes, her appearance will seem strange to you. Although this woman is real, and such as in the photo-does not exist.

    Open dating sites, where you will meet Konfeto4ki and Zhany. You may even spend many days texting Jean. Arrange a meeting that will be attended not by Jean, but by Vanya. And he won't be twenty-five years old, but twice as old. And he is not from Paris, but from Saratov. Jean never existed, but you've been in contact with him for months, and the picture is here. It is even dear to you. And you don't know anything about Vanya from Saratov. Some unknown character.

    Baudrillard once remarked that none of the viewers of the news can personally check whether the war is really going on. Everyone discusses what's on TV, not what's actually happening.

    Turn on the TV. I won't even give specific examples, you either remember them or find them yourself. The headline “There was no Gulf War” in 1991 seemed scandalous and delusional, but today we are really often shown what did not happen, and this is more real for us than what happened. And the question “Is there a war going on?” becomes ten times more acute.

  2. In Moscow, near the British Embassy, there is a monument to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. These are fictional characters, and their monuments are copies of fictional characters. The copy is real, but the original is not.

  3. Example of a brand, virtual reality. I find it difficult to explain from the point of view of Bordiyard, I read it a long time ago. Roughly speaking, this is something that has no origins in reality. For example, a young man buys branded clothes and feels more sexy (a rough example, but I didn't think of anything else). In general, it is an image that is detached from reality and breaks the connection with reality, while being presented in consciousness.

  4. I will answer in a simple way: “Oh, and they fool our brother !”, but, on the other hand, we know the world with our senses as they show it to us, and they show us bullshit, no one from the ruling class will show or tell the truth, they sell people all sorts of nonsense, they fool us at once. But, on the other hand, suddenly the voice of heaven will say:”Don't make yourself an idol !”, but still the people will love and kiss the hands of their executioners, as it was in such recent, ever – memorable times, remember-Stalin died, and the people wept…

  5. Television. 100% simulacrum. Factory of simulacra. Even the pieces of reality that fall into it will be reworked and inflated with extraneous accents until the meaning is completely shifted

  6. Russian Federation, for example. Amazing simulacrum-matryoshka.

    Outside – an oil and gas gas station, a raw materials annex… a superpower. With a regime in the form of a “sovereign democracy”.

    In fact, the whole of sovereignty and democracy is a Chekist Junta completely independent of the electorate, selling the underdeveloped remains of the state to the Chinese owners, more broadly, the SCO-SCO, on the cheap. Simulacra of democracy. A simulacrum of sovereignty.

    From the inside, it's like a free market, a normal capitalist economy. In reality, the Chekist raider seizures were replaced by the classic “tax” curtailment of the second NEP. Simulacrum of the economy, market, and private property. And the enraged Printer of the last pair of Chekist cars-hopelessly destroys the illusion, the simulacrum of law-justice-law enforcement, civil rights and freedoms…

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