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  1. Overall development is certainly not bad. But why do you need other people's thoughts, other people's images, other people's world? Maybe because you are afraid of your own opinion, your own view, your own assessment? A person is going to understand this world, and for this purpose he reads books – don't you think this is strange?

  2. 1. Lev Landau — What is the theory of relativity.

    A popular essay on Einstein's scientific picture of the world.

    2. Robert Steigerwald-Introduction to Marxist Philosophy.

    Dialectical materialism for rusty teapots.

    3. Vyacheslav Neklyudov — How the world I live in works.

    An attempt to provide scientific answers to key philosophical questions.

    4. Arthur Schopenhauer-Eristics, or the art of winning arguments.

    Fundamentals of demagogy.

    5. Joseph Goebbels-A manual for future Fuhrers.

    Manual for future Fuhrers:)

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