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  1. I think the Soviet legacy. Namely, the consequences of the Stalinist regime. The mentality that Russia has now is all echoes of that time. Stalin was a tyrant who put a huge number of people behind bars, and in fact for nothing. My favorite example is Sergey P. Korolev who was first sent to Kolyma to mine gold and then transferred to another prison for scientists where he built the first rocket. So, the Stalinist regime gave rise to two types of parasitic thinking. It's prison-like and cowardly.

    Prison, these are the descendants of victims of Stalin's repressions, who still live in prison, and there are quite a few of them. I saw it with my own eyes and was in those regions where it is prestigious to serve time and schoolchildren dream of getting into a strict regime colony which is a city-forming enterprise.

    Cowardly, occurs most often in the prosperous regions of western Russia. Remember how many times your parents or the older generation told you, don't meddle, not our problems, nothing depends on us and so on. This came from the fact that in those days anyone could be sent to Kolyma, but everyone knocked on everyone.

    I have not mentioned that if you remove the rose-colored glasses of patriotism, the Russian people were in actual slavery for a very, very long time. And after a short break (the abolition of serfdom), the matter immediately passed to Stalin.

    So what is the real root of the evil? The fact is that the country has an oligarchic regime. A regime where power is held by a handful of rich people and not by the president, Duma, parliament, Uncle Vasya from the factory. Oligarchs are people who want to increase their capital at any cost. And when they have power over the state, they will squeeze every last penny out of the state. Only in such a regime, Putin is not to blame, his fault is there, but he is not the root of evil. The fault is in everyone, in every citizen, because the people are without initiative. The people do not understand that no ruler has power without someone to whom this power can be applied.

    A beautiful situation occurred in Iceland. The country went bankrupt due to the illiterate actions of a corrupt government. The people were fed up with everything, and they made a revolution, without a single shot, without a single bottle of Molotov cocktail. They just adopted a new constitution themselves. And they chose the new government themselves.

    After all, the power of the ruler is only in the minds of people. And the building, the same Kremlin, is just an old fortress. If you refuse to listen to the current government, while not falling into anarchy, you can conduct a bloodless revolution, and the Icelanders proved this. True power is in the people, not in one particular person. But as one great sage said. The people deserve the power they have.

  2. Initially, I would like to point out that there are no more or less troubles in Russia than in other localities. There are enough problems everywhere.
    In my opinion, as everywhere and at all times, the human factor plays a key role. It is not always possible to exclude it, and it is not so easy to manage it.
    I have no right to assess the current state of affairs in the country, but I am convinced that in order for the future of any country to be promising and cloudless, it is very important to pay significant attention to the institution of motherhood and childhood. The family creates the future of any society. And of course, technology is the future.

  3. As the classic writer said, Russia has two troubles.
    Many years have passed since then, but in general, nothing has changed. And, since the second is only a consequence of the first, it means that it's all about fools.

  4. Very non-specific question. To get an answer, you would have to list these troubles point by point. Then each item can be considered. And if you absolutely need to talk about “all the troubles”, then there are “all the reasons”for this. I hope I've satisfied your curiosity.

  5. And what are the problems in Russia in contrast to other countries? That's when you answer this question, you will understand that you need to start first of all with yourself. From education, and then down the list.

  6. The main problem is that there are no citizens. There is only a population.

    In short, the main problem is that people allow what is happening to happen. They create certain problems for us, we do not prevent this, and the beneficiaries of this non-obstruction are willing to take advantage of it.

    For example, the main problem with roads is those who drive on them, despite their terrible quality. Stop driving, and the gas sellers will find a way to get you back on the road.

    I have already given a detailed answer to this question in my time. You can read it here. Do not be alarmed that there in the beginning we are talking about the auto business. The article is applicable to any field.

  7. I agree with the author 100 %, I will also add that in Soviet times freethinkers were also not very well liked… And the tsarist time is until 1721, then there was still the empire and the emperor, the rule was not simple because they constantly fought and expanded the territory of the state. I do not agree with the policy of either the monarchy or the Soviets 100%, because both did not give the freedom of ordinary people to speak and think freely, all freedom was limited to very narrow limits. Even the attempt to give education in the Russian Empire failed, they could not accept the peace of mind of young people, but if they had given free rein, the revolution would have been much earlier…. And the fact that We ourselves, working each in our own place, do not do our work properly, honestly and efficiently is our fault, and each will affect the other. The trouble with Russia is only in fools, because without them, the roads would have been built qualitatively…

  8. Roads. Or rather, the river.it just so happens ,but Russia is located in the center of the main routes for exporting raw materials to Europe and Asia. Despite the fact that in Russia itself (historical, European) there is no shit. .only rivers, portages and smart hardworking people. But the rulers were unlucky, greedy, let's say, rulers. They sell their homeland for a hillock,and the homeland is a cookie . everything settles in the capital's apartments, crammed with money. As much as there is Russia, so much is drawn from it. And in return,different democracies and a gay pride parade. And if there were no roads ( rivers), they would live richly.

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