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  1. For example, the three signs of the existence of a conditioned world: anitya — changeability, anatman — selflessness, conditioning, dukkha-passion, unsatisfactoriness. Also, samsara is a world of mutually conditioned phenomena distorted by illusory perception. Nirvana is a real world where there is no suffering, no worries, no changes, no divisions.

    Mutability means that there is no one thing in samsara that remains the same. All phenomena disintegrate at every moment, and as a result, new phenomena are formed.

    Selflessness means that no phenomenon has a separate, permanent entity. All existing phenomena are mutually conditioned and influence each other.

    Passivity or restlessness means that there are no things in the conditioned world that are permanently pleasant. As everything changes, pleasant things sooner or later change to unpleasant or neutral ones. Anxiety arises from the wrong construction of consciousness, clouded by hatred, addictions and illusions.

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    Alexander Moiseevich Pyatigorsky “Introduction to the study of Buddhist philosophy”.

  2. Treat with understanding, respect, show interest, study, discuss with colleagues, become a monk, realize their innermost meaning, overcome inner obscurations, help the world.

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