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  1. Of course, there are more advantages in popularization, but if you overdo it, it can lead to the following problems::

    1. when listening to any material in a popular presentation, you can gain confidence that in 30 minutes you have become an expert in something that in fact you have not even begun to understand;

    2. constant oversimplification can lead to a reluctance to return to a more complex, but still more correct picture of the world.;

    3. in the group of people who came to a popular lecture, it is difficult to identify those who are really interested and willing to work hard to understand the topic more deeply;

    4. too popular presentation of scientific material attracts all sorts of pseudo-scientific figures, who are sure to hear in your story only what corresponds to their beliefs;

    5. by popularizing science, it is easy to instill in your audience the belief that science can explain everything, and the scientific method has a certain “copyright to the truth” (and it is quite likely that this is not the case at all).

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