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  1. There is no Western philosophy. There is just a philosophy. More precisely, it was, in the course of its historical development, individually and nationally colored. But all historical forms, or rather the historical form itself as such, were “removed”. Philosophy, after the completion of its historical history, passed into the form of a logical science of Truth, that is, philosophy now develops in eternal history. And it is in the public domain, regardless of individuals and peoples.

    Therefore, saying “western” is not something that should be distinguished from “eastern” or “southern” or “northern”.

  2. If the abstract is not available:

    • Applied orientation
    • Practicality, a course on real life, not on abstract matters
    • Cultivating the idea of relativity
    • Connection of philosophy with science, which is analyzed within the framework of scientism, an attempt to confirm theses using scientific data (not always successful)
    • Distribution of the evolutionary and anthropogenic factors in philosophy
  3. Philosophy (classical) provided the theorization of science with the development of dialectical, logical thinking as” the best tool of labor and the sharpest weapon ” according to Engels. This did not correspond to the interests of the dominant forces of society, and they created a social order to kill classical philosophy by substituting philodoxia for it. Since the X1X century, Postphilosophy has been developing. Philodoxes explore everything but the cognitive function of science. This has become the main thing in the West, and now in our country. There is no philosophy outside of logical thinking, and therefore its salvation requires mastering the power of logical thinking. Everything you need was created by European medieval philosophers

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