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  1. Mind Palaces are a memorization technique. It consists in creating an imaginary space for storing memories.

    Just as new knowledge can be stored in the memory “clinging” to existing knowledge, so in the Halls of the mind, you can add visualized new knowledge to an already well-studied image of a warehouse for memories.

    To try this technique on yourself, you need to:

    1. Imagine a room you know well

    2. Mentally place in the corners of this room visual images of any objects that you want to remember. For example a shopping list for a store

    3. Vividly imagine how you turn around in the presented room and see memorable objects in the corners.

    After that, you can safely go to the store for shopping, and if you forgot what you need to buy, just imagine the room and see what is in the corners.

  2. You didn't ask the question correctly.Let's start in order:HALLS OF THE MIND is not the correct name, derived from Sherlock fans.In fact, you may have described the “Cicero method”, but still even its essence was INCORRECTLY STATED.

    Cicero's method is based on connections that have formed in the brain

    naturally, when you repeatedly perceived objects that are nearby.

    So these objects (the connections between them) are already there in your brain. And you don't need them.

    you need to remember it specifically. These objects should simply be recalled several times, for which

    securing a clear sequence.

    Images selected by the Cicero method are used in mnemonics as a floppy disk. Other images are recorded on them. Cicero's images are auxiliary and

    provide clear, consistent memorization of other images.

    The objects used for the Cicero method are objects in familiar locations.

    indoor areas or on a well-known road (s). Images should not be repeated.

    The names can be repeated, but the images must be different.

    Such auxiliary images are called reference images in mnemonics. And

    the process of forming reference images in memory can be compared with the process of

    formatting the disk on your computer. Until the disk is formatted, you can't write to it

    record information. As long as you don't have any reference images in your memory, you won't be able to remember them.

    information sequentially.

    Please stop writing shit and shit about the art of memory and littering the already clogged Internet with it.

  3. Mind Palaces are one of the most useful and common techniques for memorizing information. It consists of building one or more places in your memory where you can store any information. To master the technique, you only need practice and time, although the benefits of it go far beyond simple entertainment.

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