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  1. The main discovery is that there are an infinite number of philosophical systems, views, doctrines, etc. Each is unique and at the same time repeats something that has already happened before. Recognition of the multiplicity of worldviews is the basis of modern philosophy, which summarizes all the achievements of the centuries-old process of social thought development. The position of S. Hawking: philosophy is outdated, does not keep pace with science; the accumulation of data and experimental results is a scientific dictatorship that has claimed a monopoly on knowledge. Zuckerberg's position: updating the social contract (which unites humanity) is the main philosophical task; development is possible only after giving up bonuses, for example, from luxury. Silicon Valley's position: philosophers who ask “uncomfortable” questions are just as important as engineers, because it is necessary to rethink the possibilities of technological areas. We can also note the following phenomena of modern philosophy that can be considered “discoveries”:: 1) changing the status of classical terms such as model, being, empiricism, experiment, statement, reason, etc.; 2) invalidating and making obsolete such dichotomies as observer/observed, continuous/discontinuous, etc.

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