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  1. https://thequestion.ru/questions/421823/kakie-svoistva-mirozdaniya-ne-sposobny-proyavit-sebya-skvoz-filtr-logicheskogo-nauchnogo-metoda-poznaniya

    In this response, I pointed out that alienation is an essential property of the scientific method, and that the inalienable is often indistinguishable from a lie. This is its main limitation : we cannot study subjective experience. We can only believe or disbelieve him. That is why we have an art that largely studies subjective experience, finds ways to alienate it and pass it on. Just the reliability of these methods, although sufficient for art, is not enough for science.

  2. It seems to me that dogmatism is the determining factor of all scientific developments. And conformism. A stone pillar was erected once, and the whole scientific world is dancing around. And even if someone leads new developments, they are basically still tied to the very post, otherwise you will get the title of a heretic warlock. And all state orders and institutions are also tuned to the canons. If you try to write against the wind , you'll be poor. What new theories of the world order have emerged in the last hundred years ? Yes, there are many of them, but all of them are at the level of jokes, or tied to Newton-Einstein. And after all, they ran into a wall, and still they will not give up a millimeter or a quantum. It's easier this way. Drive a blizzard, compose formulas, and shout that this will encourage humanity to achieve cosmic power and universal happiness… in a couple of thousand years. If the greens don't step in. After all, half of the “scientific” community carries water in a sieve, studies exoplanets a million light-years away, at least they don't require business trips.

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