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  1. There are many ways, but the main thing in them is one thing: do not go on insulting the person. And try to talk more about yourself, about your feelings and experiences, and not about the person with whom the conflict occurs.

    For example: “You're an asshole!” is not acceptable at all. There is no way out of the conflict here.

    “You did a bad thing…” – change the angle to yourself ” I feel humiliated when you do …. (this and that).”It really offends me when …….” (this is just an example)

  2. If the conflict does not threaten your life and health A) On your own or neutral territory-take a tough stance. Let them negotiate with you. B) In the territory of the person with whom the conflict is – offer a compromise or leave. C) Family conflict (regardless of where it occurs) – definitely agree on a mutually beneficial solution. No “positions” or “principles”.

    There is a physical threat – to assess your chances in the fight. A) – Boldly retreat. B) Risk your health, life and freedom. It is acceptable when, for some reason, option ” A ” is not possible or you have a clear advantage in experience, disposition, physical condition, or have something at hand that can be used as a shield or as a club, there are witnesses who will confirm that you defended yourself; you have a lawyer.

  3. Understand how your opponent sees the situation. It is better to ask him directly. Most conflicts will die at this point. Because they arise precisely because of different assessments of the situation.

    Find out which way out of the situation he sees as ideal.

    This allows you to understand your opponent. See the situation through his eyes.

  4. Good question! It is relevant for all times. For me, the best way is the biblical principle: “As you want people to do to you, so do you to people” (Matthew 7: 12). But, to be honest, it doesn't always work out.

    There is also a very useful saying – ” a fool gets into a hole; a smart person knows how to get out of it; and a WISE PERSON KNOWS HOW NOT TO GET INTO IT.” So I want wisdom…)))

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