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  1. The unit of text in modern philosophy is an article, here is a list of the coolest articles of 2009-2013


    there is no more recent data yet, since the 15th is not over yet, and the articles for the 14th have not yet had time to quote enough times.

    If you are interested in books, then, in my opinion, these are the following (to a certain extent, these are collections of articles):

    Scott Soames. Analytic Philosophy in America and Other Historical and Contemporary Essays. 2014;

    Derk Pereboom. Free Will, Agency, and Meaning in Life. 2014.

    Shaun Nichols. Bound: Essays on Free Will and Responsibility. 2015

    There is also an interesting collection of Bernard Williams' Essays and Reviews 1959-2002. 2014. I believe he will be influential among English philosophy enthusiasts.

    The most influential books of the beginning of the XXI century, I think, can be safely considered:

    Daniel Dennett. Freedom Evolves (2003);

    Derek Parfit. On What Matters (2011);

    David Chalmers. Constructing The World (2014).

    Slavoj Žižek. Absolute Recoil: Towards a New Foundation of Dialectical Materialism (2014).

    but here, too, it is not very clear with fame, too little time has passed

    Of the most popular, I think most will call: Rebecca Goldstein. Plato at the Googleplex. 2014

    From domestic books it is worth mentioning:

    Vasiliev V. V. Consciousness and things (2013, but really released in 2014);

    Pavlov A.V. Shameful Pleasure (2014);

    Chubarov I. M. Collective sensuality (2014).

    Even among Russian philosophers, the books of sociologists Alexander Bikbov “Grammar of Order” (2014) and Viktor Vakhstein “The Case of Everyday Life” (2015)are quite popular

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