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  1. Science does not fit into the framework of faith, there is no place here and everything that we all went through in school. Life after death is a necessary continuation of our journey ! I thought a lot and talked to a lot of people of different faiths and directions and everything that I emphasized for myself all faiths were correctly interpreted, but thousands of years ago, and it came to us that we all have today and this is sad. Everything is turned out so! to intimidate a person (they say you will die and the devils will come to you, well, or someone else will break bones with clubs) well, that's what I understand one hundred percent; life is just a set of tests, for each of their own . No matter how hard life hits you ,this is your destiny! And each individual problem has its own mission to teach us something, and if we do not draw the right conclusions, it will repeat itself. Every challenge , absolutely every challenge, has a goal to make us better, purer (spiritually) . And most importantly, if you understand that you chose all this before you were born, ( family, parents, poverty or prison, possibly pathologies ,illnesses) your whole life will become clear to you. The more challenges you face, the higher your spiritual development, which means that a large number of lives have already been lived, and before you came to this life, your soul was sure that it would cope with everything that still awaits you . And with each new life, you can go up 3-4 steps or go down 2-4 ,or even go down all 10 . I do not reject faith, and I would even say that I believe with all my heart in God and my desire to find unity with all people . What does every day and every challenge teach us ? First of all, humility , and then you need to deal with each situation separately!!! There are not many problems in our life, but life itself is very short to chase money and cool cars. Money is just paper like a car is just iron (this is only a means but not a goal) you can't earn all the money ,and a new car will become old in 6-8 years.all troubles are similar to each other let's say you constantly do not have enough money ! It seems that the salary is good but the shortage is constant for some reason, then they lost their wallet, then the car broke down and the jacket broke well, as if for evil or something else ))) so if you sweep away all the excess (cars, jackets, wallets, etc.), there will only be a lack of money!!! and now we exhale and learn humility!!! this is already there and needs to be worked on.for example, to understand that you are going out of your way to earn more for this money (this is a means,not a goal remember?) Rethink your attitude to pieces of paper and pieces of iron !!! All love and kindness !

  2. When describing the events of Christ's Resurrection, the author appeals to more than half a thousand witnesses (Epistle to the Corinthians, ch. 15) who are still alive in his time and can confirm that they saw the risen Christ. However, science in this matter prefers its theories to witness statements.

  3. They usually cite ancient legends related to religion. For example, I once saw a study about the soul. At the time of a person's death, a thermograph was used. Then the alleged soul (heat clot) separated from the person and flew away. But of course, none of this is credible.

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