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  1. Of the fictional characters, I can add Anton Chegur from the Coen brothers 'film” Old People Don't belong Here ” by Nietzsche,he is close to his ideals and ideas about the superman

  2. F. Nietzsche himself referred to the prototypes of the Superman: Julius Caesar, Cesare Borgia, Napoleon.

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  3. Michelle Lotito. During his lifetime, he ate metal, the thickness of the walls of his intestines adapted and became 2 times larger than the usual intestine.

    Wim Hof. A person who is not afraid of the cold. I climbed Mount Everest in shorts, spent hours in freezers, and my body didn't react to it.

    Tell us about such people who have gone beyond the normal, and not about fictional bullshit.

  4. If we talk about literature, we can call such characters as: Sherlock Holmes, because on the one hand he is a genius and has unique abilities, and on the other hand he is quite dismissive of universal norms of morality and morality. I.e., he determines moral guidelines for himself.�

    Hannibal Lecter can also claim to be a Nietzschean superman, because he has an outstanding intellect. If we do not take into account the fact that his behavior is dictated mainly by his childhood mental trauma and subsequent reflection, then he is quite a superman.�

    Engineer Garin can be considered superhuman because of his pronounced, aggressive intentions and will to power. It is noteworthy that this character was invented in a country where such behavior was not encouraged to put it mildly, as well as the study of Nietzschean literature.�

    The ideal candidate personally seems to me to be Dr. Manhattan from the movie / comic book “Guardians”. Unlimited (by human standards) opportunities, own and quite pragmatic morality. Well, what is not a superman?! It's just a pity that he still has affection (love) for an ordinary woman. After all, according to Nietzsche, the superman will look at us in the same way as we now look at monkeys (Here try to abstract from the ideas of Darwinism. This is not what Nietzsche meant when he wrote that Man is a tightrope stretched between the animal and the superman).�

    Descartes from the movie “Blade Runner”. True, there are hints in the film that Descartes is not entirely biological in nature of origin. If you know what I mean.”�

    Anton Chigur from “no place for old people here”. He is cold-blooded, cruel, and has his own philosophy. One disadvantage is that he shifts some of the responsibility for the fate of his victims to fate. Like, as the coin falls, so it will be. I don't think a real superhuman would do that.�

    Nikolai Stavrogin from the novel “Demons”, but this is of course controversial, because a number of reputable psychologists and psychiatrists believe that he has schizophrenia.

    PS Well, I don't say anything about history at all. Caesar, Napoleon, Lenin, etc., etc. All the more Nietzsche wrote that whole tribes and peoples can be supermen. So study the works of this great philosopher and decide for yourself who you will consider superhuman and who will not.

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