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  1. Okay

    There was once a 21-dimensional space. Maybe something was before it, maybe there were more dimensions. But the number is taken from the number of dimensions in string theory.

    It was an ordinary same universe, maybe with different laws of physics (ordinary, yeah, 21 dimensions). But the same black holes appeared in it. And the surface of black holes has a holographic effect and time dilation. Because of this, one dimension is lost and a new universe “appears” on the surface of the black hole – only in it there is one dimension less, and time flows infinitely faster.

    It was an ordinary same universe, maybe with different laws of physics (ordinary, yeah, 20 dimensions). But the same black holes appeared in it…

    In general, I came up with this idea in the 11th grade in 1998. But ideas with matryoshka universes are in the air.

  2. Was it a dream or not? I appeared unknowingly as if in front of some circular platform somewhere in space. To the left, God is sitting on the edge of the room with His legs dangling, not even looking at me. Across the platform is a glass partition, like on verandahs. Behind the glass, you can see floating bubbles of universes. A voice pops into my head: that I need to create my own universe. Well, I was taken aback, I say I do not know how. You've read the Bible, he says, go ahead. I started to remember what to do in the Bible. He went to the right edge of the platform, raised his hands to the top in the complete blackness of space, and said: let there be light. For a long time at first there was nothing, but then somehow a light dawned between my hands. The light grew stronger, a bubble formed, and there, like sparks, they became visible like stars. I dropped my hands, and the bubble of my universe continued to hang. Well, in my head I heard, you have fulfilled your destiny, go. And I woke up in my own bed.

  3. Fantastic means made up. I liked your answer. So I hope you'll understand. And the specific answer is contained in the phrase “in the image and likeness”. I won't explain it, I've been trying to explain it for a long time, but no one understands. 1. The appearance of movement in the absence of any images other than the image of emptiness. 2. The appearance of an image of movement at a point called emptiness. 3. Complicating the image of movement to an elementary ordered one. And at the same time, the image of the complication vector directed from the center of the movement appearance appears. The combination of the second and third is an elementary Thought. The degree of complexity of Thought Is the movement of life. Life is a complication from the elementary to the complex (in the image and likeness). Life is a movement of Thought. Creating with a vector from the center, and destroying with a vector to the center. This is the essence of everything. Thought is as immaterial as emptiness. But its degree of complexity, at the moment, is incredibly huge. She created immaterial elementary particles in her image and likeness, from which she invented the first hydrogen atom. The material atom. And only then, continuing to become more complex (live), the concepts of volume, speed, weight, etc. appeared.. We live in a world between two thoughts – creative and destructive. Second thought consumption. And our world is increasingly influenced by thoughts of consumption, thoughts of deception and power, which act with a vector to the center. But this idea is initially secondary. and the rate of destruction is slower than the rate of creation. There's no point in believing me. You can find out for yourself from the original source. But on the condition of rejecting lies in yourself and violence against others. Creative thought has no secrets. Secrets of the thought of consumption. I wish you success in communicating with creative Thought.

  4. There are two main theories of the origin of the universe and both are impossible to prove and refute. All other theories (hypotheses) anyway, they are adjacent to one of the main ones and are a branch of them.

    The main theories of the origin of the Universe divide people into two broad categories: believers in God and non-believers in God (atheists). Around each theory, there are philosophical theories (teachings) that try to explain (or refute) the truth of the theory that they adhere to

    1. The “Big Bang theory” explains the origin of the world (Universe) from the point from which an infinitesimal particle supposedly existed, in which instability arose and an explosion began, the consequence of which was the formation of the Universe
    2. “The theory of the Divine origin of the Universe” says that the universe and Man were created by God (the Creator, the Supreme Mind), the terms here play only an ethical and moral role.

    None of these theories has strong evidence that they are right or, as we say, true.

    Neither the speculations of physicists and astronomers, nor the statements of religious figures are able to prove their final correctness. For we are faced with the scale of a problem that the Human Brain and Mind are not able to grasp, understand and explain!

    In dozens and hundreds of publications of scientists and religious theorists on this issue, you, dear reader, will see one (!) the common similarity is that they carefully avoid three questions that will never be solved by humanity. These questions lie on the plane of science, philosophy and religion. And without the participation of at least one of these branches of human knowledge of the world, all arguments about the truth of one of the theories of the origin of the Universe (in the author's opinion) are charlatanism or manipulation of consciousness.

    These are the questions:

    1. Where did it come from?The matter that makes up the universe?
    2. Where it came fromThe space in which matter exists?
    3. And finally, where did the most unruly, unknowable and elusive essence of our being come from ? The time?

    The laws of philosophy state that none of these categories can exist separately!

    About the law of philosophy (causal relationships), let's say in more detail for further arguments about the correctness of the adherents of the “Big Bang Theory”.

    If you put this law in simple words it will sound like this::

    “Determinism (causality) is the dependence of phenomena and objects on structural connections in material systems and external influences, on the causes and conditions that generate them.

    Nothing in the material world happens just by chance. Everything is subject to certain laws and the subsequent develops from the previous one.

    And when pseudoscientists start “building a garden” about the fact that the Universe appeared from some unstable, infinitesimal particle, it becomes funny and even disgusting! For their lies are aimed only at preserving their warm place and gaining cheap authority!

    It is worth such a” scientist ” to ask the question: where did matter space and time come from, and from the scholarship of this scientist (sorry for the pun) not a trace remains! And he turns into an ordinary “grandmother on a bench” who has heard something somewhere, seen something somewhere, but can't really explain anything!

    And, if we turn to the school curriculum on Astronomy, then children in schools are “hammered” by disenfranchised teachers into the defenseless heads of the so-called “Big Bang Theory”, according to textbooks written according to the patterns of American and Israeli advisers…

    The ultimate goal of such intellectual aggression is the final destruction of the whole picture of the world in the minds of future Russian citizens and the formation of a civilization of mutant consumers instead of the Russian nation who are not able to defend their right to their own lives and the lives of future generations!

    The author adheres to the Divine theory of the origin of the universe!

  5. The universe is created by laws. Everything in the universe changes except for the laws. The reason for laws is the Legislator. This site is also created by the laws that the programmer intended. Computer game, virtual world) is also created by the programmer's laws. Outside, the world of a computer game does not exist, but inside it is material and real, just like ours.

    From the world of the game it is impossible to enter our world, as well as from our world to the world of our Creator, because it is created by other laws and is based on a different matter that we cannot feel. It looks like two formulas, where one formula generates the other.

    We humans are also formulas, and it's been 70 years since we discovered this. Our formula is DNA.

    Life is the process of executing a program of the genetic code.

  6. Fantasy is our design of perception of life. And why fantasize about “reinforced concrete truths”? It is eternal, does not disappear and does not arise, only passes from one form to another, thanks to OUR perception. You can tell everything in detail, but for a long time.

  7. We need to clarify – the universe in which we live. Because if one universe was created, it is likely that many more were created as well. The question itself implies that there is a certain space that includes our universe. Then the question will be, how was this Metaverse created? And so on ad infinitum.

    There can be no response about the initial creation. Once upon a time, out of nowhere. This is the most informative statement on this subject of all possible.

    As for “our” universe-this is a computer game, an amusement park “Earth”, in which the souls of some characters burn time according to the purchased tickets.

  8. I think that our matter originated and grew by self-reproduction. And the laws of nature are derived from ordinary logic, which begins with the statement of fact: “there is something.” If it doesn't affect anything, then it still doesn't exist. So it affects. For what? On your own parts? this means that it is something that can be divided into parts, otherwise there is nothing to influence. Well, in this spirit, maybe someone will have the patience to complete this and eliminate errors. Here comes the theory of everything.

    And space is generated by matter.

  9. Fireballs, told that their great-great creators, were also balls but with different shells, where water charged with quarks, muons, gluons, basons, did not come into conflict with antimatter, which made it possible to assemble an exoplanet, like Ceres, and thermonuclear bang, to give birth to the universe. Maybe true, maybe not. I don't know

  10. I am of the opinion that matter does not come from anywhere and does not disappear anywhere, but only passes from one form to another, based on Einstein's formula connecting energy and mass.

    It can be assumed that in the cycle of existence of matter there are moments when all the mass (maybe with the exception of not completely evaporated black holes) turns into a” compote ” of photons (energy) and exists in this form until a certain moment when the “compote” of photons “detonates” immediately in the entire infinite volume of the universe and electrons and protons are formed (instead of electrons and positrons), i.e. back to mass (matter).

    Thus, the” compote ” of photons actually instantly, well, or almost instantly (maybe this is a long process of sorting out all possible collisions of photons of different energies) turns into a gas cloud of hydrogen – which is not a big bang, only without instantaneous expansion.

    We observe the photons remaining from this instantaneous transformation in the form of relic radiation, i.e., relic radiation is the remains of a” compote ” of photons.

    Then there is the well-known process of star formation, the” burning “of hydrogen, and the formation and “evaporation” of black holes (Hawking radiation).

    “Compote” of photons is formed when a lot of black holes, which are supposed to be the centers of spiral galaxies, absorb their galaxies entirely, or almost entirely, and emit photons .

    Black holes can “evaporate” entirely, well, or almost entirely, along with this there are many photons, hydrogen residues that are not involved in the process of star formation, and electron antineutrinos formed during neutron decay (the half-life of free neutrons is ~ 610 seconds), possibly something else.

    And everything repeats again:

    Gas cloud (lots of matter, few photons) – > “Compote” of photons (lots of photons, little matter) – > > Gas cloud

    But space and time were, are, and will always be.

    Just the amount of mass (stars, planets, and black holes) decreases and increases, and the amount of energy (photons), on the contrary, increases and decreases.

    Well, yes, all this was created by God and now he is waiting for people to get smarter in order to understand his whole plan.

  11. Right now I'll wrap it up.

    In old kinescope televisions, as you know, the picture was drawn line by line on the phosphor of the kinescope with a single electron beam (electron beam). That is, roughly speaking, a single point, pulsating, ran around the entire screen at an unthinkable speed, drawing a dynamic image line by line.

    A rapidly moving point generally always turns into a line for the observer – see fire show, drawing with fire in the air, tracer bullets, etc.

    Isn't our universe drawn as a single point moving at an exorbitant speed? This, by the way, explains all the quantum paradoxes, all the Schrodinger cats, and all the metaphysics. Everything is one, everything that exists, including us, is only one point. Everything in this world is just a trace of her inertia. The same point of the singularity, only it did not explode, as the official scientific version says, but continuously draws our world. However, this can also be figuratively considered a Big Bang.

    In this sense, there is no death – the dot will stop drawing us, start drawing someone else, that's all. There's nothing else in the world but her, and there never was.

  12. We humans created it.

    Everything that surrounds us and within us is created by us, for we do not live among objects or images, but among ideas. Being, matter, space, time, particles, fields, forces, and masses are primarily ideas that we humans may not have created, but have identified and implemented.

    Our ancestors lived among spirits and gods on a flat earth. They lived, just as we now live on the globe in an almost empty universe created by the “Big Bang”, but in fact by the spirit of Chaos (absolute randomness).

    Our descendants will throw our ideas of physical reality to the dustbin and settle in a completely different world, which will be the embodiment of completely different ideas. And they will LIVE just like us and our ancestors in this reality of their own. Perhaps they will no longer think of their ancestors as naive fools who just believe in their own fantasies, as we do. They will already understand that people live in a world of ideas, not objects or images. But this will be their faith:)

  13. Well, if in a fantastic way, then I will answer-the Matrix. I know it's pretty corny, but still. But not like in the movie of the same name, but what we are programs. But this is too fantastic)))

  14. The universe is eternal and infinite, and we can only talk about the rebirth of the universe, but not about its origin.Science fiction is all the more interesting the more similar it is to the truth,so when building our fantastic hypothesis,we will operate with realities. According to modern cosmology, the universe is expanding, and the rate of expansion is increasing.This is explained by the fact that the average density of matter in the universe,whose gravity prevents expansion, decreases, while the density of dark energy that causes this expansion remains constant.At some point in time, the rate of expansion of space will reach a certain critical value at which the constantly generated virtual particle-antiparticle pairs will not have time to recombine and will begin to turn into real particles.The density of matter in the universe will increase dramatically.This matter will serve as material for the new universe,and an increase in the average density of the universe will slow down the expansion of space.Then,as space expands, dark energy will again become dominant and the expansion will begin to accelerate again, the cycle will repeat.So our universe will perish and a new one will be born.So our universe was born on the wreckage of the previous one.

  15. The universe really began from a point, or rather from a point and an anti-point(zero-dimensional space and zero-dimensional anti-space), which evolved into 3-dimensional space and 3-dimensional anti-space. You will say there is no anti-space. I'll say eat. It is simply represented in our universe in the form of matter(matter, radiation), which also evolved, complicating its structure, as the dimension of spaces increases. At this stage, the proton and neutron have the most complex structures.

  16. The universe was created out of nothing this is how a thought is born how Nero flashes in the brain not from that not everything and the thought comes just like the universe there was no reason for this it just had to happen just to be born

  17. Whatever World we know. Whatever it's made of. Whoever created it. Whether it's real or virtual. The most important question is: How did it all start? If this is the point of the singularity that exploded, then who created it and the space in which it exploded. The paradox is that a person can find the beginning, origins, and causes of any observed phenomenon. God created this World or the Universal mind or any other Creator, the creator can be called by any name. A higher-order question: Where did the creator come from and who created him, who created the space in which he is located? Humanity, if it does not suffer a global collapse, will use science to find answers step by step. Perhaps one day we will learn that our world is a virtual simulation and it is just one of the countless games of another real world or also virtual. Perhaps the worlds are nested in each other like Matryoshka dolls. But if you scroll through the “book”, close it and see who is holding it in their hands? Who created it? From human logic, there will be only one option: the series of creators is beginningless (it's like infinite only in the opposite direction), and if so, then neither the universe, nor the space in which it is located, nor its Creator has a beginning and an end. But in my opinion, the concept of infinity has no “right” to exist. Hence, I conclude that human consciousness is not complete, limited. Like a two-dimensional object that cannot “see” the three-dimensional world, our consciousness has no tools to explore. Perhaps humanity will someday learn to connect to its subconscious, reach the singularity of public consciousness, thinking, and get unknown concepts that will draw a picture in your head: How did it all start?

  18. I think somewhere in a big bubble of information-free space, where there is no idea of matter and vacuum, the very point of the observer's matter was created, which began to expand without obstacles, the universe cannot exist without an observer, and it spontaneously developed itself to reflect all the processes inside itself, the speed of light above which nothing can move is the zero point of movement and observation, we are slowly moving because just a stream of atoms and molecules that moves not in empty space, but in a huge ocean of mind and matter, and the vacuum is reasonable, it does not disappear anywhere and when pumping out air, it is simply detected, each process can be reflected on the other side of the universe, and so on, for a long time.

  19. The inorganic world is simple and there is no room for miracles. We create miracles ourselves in our imagination, trying to build a complete picture of the world based on fragmentary and far from complete data about this world.

    Without the slightest idea of what a photon is and a vague idea of the medium of its propagation, cosmologists have created a complete absurdity called the Big Bang.�

    When I first became interested in cosmology , astronomers said that you could see 100 billion galaxies from Earth. Now they're talking about two trillion!! And all this mass of matter was formed, according to cosmologists, from a volume the size of a proton!

    Cosmology has ceased to be a science for a couple of decades. It is more like a religious sect where the created postulates are suggested to simply believe and not ask difficult questions.

    But not everything is so dark and hopeless! In this text:


    postoyena, based on Newtonian physics, a holistic, logical, harmonious and consistent picture of the world.

    If someone can offer something better, I will not regret taking a different point of view.

  20. The author of this article puts forward the idea that time-space initially by itself, objectively has a single nature, a dynamic single form, which manifests itself, naturally, at the level of the micro-and macrocosm. It is already more than time-space, it is already time-space-energy-matter. Or a single primary elementary particle (EPEC), which manifests itself as a new scientific law.

    The proof of this position is carried out by constructing a certain dynamic model of time-space-energy-matter, followed by checking it when explaining many modern issues of quantum physics and cosmology.

    Most likely, we can assume that the only acceptable and only possible source of energy-matter is a closed time – time moves in a circle in space or a certain force closed on itself. The main property of such time, of course, is its perpetual motion. �Of course, it can be positioned in any way in space. But the following model most likely has a semantic meaning.

  21. I think all the answers about the birth and death of the universe should be sought beyond the event horizon. Where the laws of physics are beyond our understanding. And although we do not have any opportunity to look there now, and probably never will. But then there is reason and logic, using which you can build a certain logical chain. If you believe scientists, then our universe 13.7 billion years ago appeared from the singularity as a result of BV. We don't know exactly what a singularity is or how it works. But we can observe the opposite process when the matter of our universe is irretrievably absorbed by a black hole, and probably collapses into a similar singularity. But if you look at this process from the opposite side, then perhaps it will be the birth of a new parallel universe, with its own space-time vector of development. And there can be any number of such universes separated by an event horizon. But we'll never know. ((

  22. If you are interested in the structure of the universe, then I suggest that you read a brief summary of the interpretation that will become fundamental in science and in public thinking in the next 5-10 years.

    The proposed interpretation will replace the current (simplified) ideas about the universe.

    The text also provides brief explanations (incomprehensible and yet unexplained) of the surprising and strange conclusions of Special Relativity.

  23. There is only one mind capable of thinking, fantasizing. Nothing else material exists. This mind is us. That is, there is only me, everything else is my imagination.

  24. I have a “fantastic” assumption about the creation of the universe.

    To get started, read here on our Q my answer to the question “There is a claim that our universe is constantly expanding. And where is it expanding to …”

    So there I developed the hypothesis that gravity collapses flat space into a sphere and then expanding into the sphere fills this ball. Our three-dimensional universe is also expanding into the fourth dimension into a four-dimensional sphere and ball. The next step is to collapse the 4-dimensional world into a 5-dimensional Sphere, and so on.

    But if you look in the opposite direction-our 3-dimensional universe came from a two-dimensional one, that 2-dimensional universe came from a one-dimensional universe-a linear universe with one dimension-is long! And then what? What if there was a two-dimensional universe before it – one that had no dimensions? Such a universe had no dimensions and no time – it was eternal and at one point a singularity. And life was born in it and they decided to change this eternal existence at one point and maybe accidentally made their universe move and one dimension appeared and went. This began to threaten the intelligences and they turned themselves into light (electromagnetic radiation) and so survived the contraction of the universe and its expansion. And all the subsequent contractions and splits of intelligent civilization took place in the form of light – we know this civilization as

    Almighty God!

  25. It has always existed . “NO ONE EVER” CREATED IT. Time has no end or beginning. It takes� the� different � forms� life and controls� all the process� occurring� in its field � of ownership.

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