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  1. There are no arguments that could be verified at the moment. Moreover, there is not (there is not a single reliable evidence of the existence of) any phenomena that would require the use of the hypothesis of the possibility of the out-of-body existence of consciousness for their explanation. All known consciousnesses have a very specific basis in the form of nervous tissue organized in a certain way.

  2. ANY radio and TV receiver, Internet receiver (RS)-receives smart thoughts not in itself, but outside. And the human head works as a receiver (and transmitter).

    Man is a PART of Nature, as a whole, a whole/Nature helps its part, a person, to perform all the functions of life, including solving problems and problems of life, the human head works as a receiver (and transmitter). This is indicated by the works of major scientists.

  3. But is there any argument for the fact that consciousness is contained in the body? Consciousness is a systemic phenomenon that is formed and developed throughout evolution, and not just from the moment you are born. And in this sense, it is bigger than the body.

  4. Here people talk about how they “found themselves” – and you don't understand these words until you do it yourself. Being out of the body means “shifting yourself” a couple of meters to the side.
    Any such arguments excite the body quite strongly. And the physical person feels it as an attack. And trying to protect them.
    Therefore, only experience can be an argument. Your own existence outside the body. Your own experience, because you will feel someone else's experience as cheating.

  5. One of them is that the soul is a substance that exists by itself. And consciousness is an immanent property of this substance.

    And, with all this, a person is considered as a combination of soul and body as separate entities, i.e. existing each by itself. The ancients considered this connection <even> as a forced one, since they are (again) different in nature and, accordingly, in their goals…

    Therefore, the soul, having such a nature, is capable (according to some…), and independently think, realize, and-exist.

  6. Transmission of thoughts over a distance – there are many such facts. Influence of public opinion on a person who does not have a body. And in general, it is illogical for the consciousness to die along with the body.

  7. Delirium of a grey mare. Consciousness is a product of the activity of the human brain. Try to separate the brain from the body-any pathologist will tell you the result.

  8. Consciousness can exist outside the body.

    But it is simply pointless to give arguments, due to the low development of science and technology of our time.

    It's just as pointless as trying to talk about viruses and cells in a microscope with a Neanderthal.

    Humans have not yet invented the equipment that can serve as a bridge to understanding this phenomenon.

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