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  1. It is interesting that Hegel wrote on this topic in the Science of Logic:

    “philosophy, if it is to be a science, cannot borrow its method from a subordinate science, such as mathematics.”

    but if you still disobey Hegel and play mathematical philosophy, then it is quite possible to imagine that being is a number, and non-being is zero, and since we use zero in mathematical calculations and it plays a certain role there, why can't it be the same with non-being?

    then there are the famous Zeno's aporias, which, being mathematical, are very popular in philosophy. they prove that motion does not exist.

    there is probably some mathematical solution to the philosophical problem of time and space, but I don't know it yet.

    but in short, I agree with Hegel here: mathematics justifies mathematical arguments, philosophy has its own problems and, most importantly, its own method, and it is not always correct to use the method of one science to solve the problems of another. Although the natural sciences often use mathematics for such purposes, I don't think it's very suitable for philosophy

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