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  1. There are no “required” books. There are books that you choose for yourself that reflect your mood, evoke emotions, and change something in you.�

    But if you really want to start with something socially significant, read Harold Bloom's Western Canon (and all the books he lists in it), four major Chinese novels, and then you can look at the list of Nobel Laureates in literature.

  2. Everyone should make a mandatory list themselves, considering that a book is Both a cure for stupidity And a means for getting smarter, And entertainment and enjoyment that can cause delight if the age, gender, place, time and initial/necessary level of their culture coincide.

    There is a series of “Women's Novel”, ZHZL, “Action-packed detective” and textbooks. You can use the cheat sheet �https://www.100bestbooks.ru/, but the TV turns on easier and is accessible even to the illiterate.

  3. Viktor Frankl is a man in search of meaning.�

    He also wants to say Yes to life!

    R. Green – 48 laws of power.�

    S. Covey – 7 habits of successful people.�

    This is a good place to start. Why else would the characters,, it's stupid to actually have 140 characters.

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