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  1. I recommend reading:

    • the art book “Seven Taoist Masters” (here is a brief description of it to better understand the cultural environment in which Taoism emerged (practical Taoism appeared long before religious Taoism)�

    • Taoist Meditations-a collection of Taoist texts that are very easy to read and give a general idea of Taoist philosophy (briefly here

    • of course, you should definitely read the Tao Te Ching treatise (I personally like Yang Hing-shun's translation, but I also recommend Kuvshinov's translation, as it provides useful comments)
    • collection of wise Taoist sayings about various aspects of life “Taste of roots” by Hong Zichen (briefly about it here
    • The treatise of Wen-tzu (briefly here�
    • an article about Taoist practicesTypes of Taoist practices and their features

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