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  1. Well, it all depends on the languages, of course. If you start from the Russian language, then you should first read the following scientific publications that touch on the topic::

    1. Hanegraaf V. Western esotericism. A guide for the confused.

    2. F. Yates Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition.

    3. F. Yates The art of memory.

    4. Kulianu Y. Eros and magic in the Renaissance.

    Primary Sources:

    1. Knowledge beyond Science (collection of commented scientific translations of primary sources).

    2. Hermes Trismegistus. Hermetic tradition of the East and West (includes primary sources and works on Hermeticism).

    And here are a couple more useful things in English:

    1. Faivre A. The Eternal Hermes.

    2. Magee G. A. Hegel and �the Hermetic Tradition.

  2. It is usually better to start learning a new topic from encyclopedic publications. Look up “Hermeticism” in philosophical and historical dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    Then you can deepen your understanding of the issue. For example, by:

    Hermeticism, magic, natural philosophy in the European culture of the XIII-XIX centuries. Moscow, 1999. – 864 p.

    Kybalion . The Hermetic philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece.

    Hermeticism / / Kikel P. V. Filosofiya. Educational and methodical manual . — Mn. :BSPU , 2001.

    Kosareva L. M. The problem of hermeticism in Western studies of the genesis of science. / Voprosy istorii estestvoznaniya i tekhniki [Questions of the History of Natural Science and Technology], 1985, no. 3, pp. 128-135.

    Vizgin V. P. Hermetism, experiment, miracle: three aspects of the genesis of modern science / / Philosophical and religious sources of Science / Ed. by P. P. Gaidenko, Moscow, 1997, pp. 88-141.

    Losev A. F. Istoriya antichnoi estetiki [History of ancient aesthetics]. Results of millennial development, Moscow: Iskusstvo . 1992. Book I. S. 225-241.

    Strange D. Hermeticism. The secret philosophy of the Egyptians. St. Petersburg, 1914.

    Hermes Cup: Humanistic Thought of the Renaissance and Hermetic Tradition, Moscow, 1996, 336 p.

    Shaburov N. V. Hermeticism and ideologists of early Christianity (Lactantius and Augustine). Issue 3. Moscow, 1985, pp. 243-252.

    Shaburov N. V. Hermeticism and Cyril of Alexandria (V century) / / Collection “Meroe”. Issue 4. Moscow, 1989, pp. 220-227

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