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  1. The culture of the image board and the Internet in general has greatly pushed the boundaries of” morality ” and stereotypes. What a teenager would have said “ugh” to in 2009 is now absolutely normal, and for 13-year-olds, at least, there is no rejection or taboo.

    In addition, many have become much more pragmatic and, I would say, mature. Sex, drag, rock ' n ' roll, die young-it's already unfashionable. A lot of students are preparing for the Unified State Exam, and they may prefer classes to writing, sex, and relationships (I don't have time for this, I'm preparing for university – a common phrase)�

    Teenage rebellion is now funny for teenagers themselves, irony and self-mockery are total.

    Girls still cut their wrists because of failures, but even this is done with self-mockery and spread vk.

  2. A lot of cruelty and hatred. A lot of sad public posts, sad music. There are a lot of groups and records about unhappy love, suicide, sadness, loneliness, anorexia, misunderstanding, sadness, decay, pain. Publics about 40 kg, drunk junk, cynic, egoist. A lot of rock publics.A lot of very sad poetry. Then whales drown in puddles of gasoline. That was online 15 minutes ago. If he's a guy, then he's a jerk. If she's a girl, then she's a bitch. It is clear that this has always been the case. That adolescence is a difficult period of transition from a child to an adult. But now I see such extremes. Girls aged 16 look like all 25. Because there are a lot of cosmetics on the face, foundation, powder, mascara, eyelashes are thicker, lips are brighter. A lot of parties, tangle. Everyone's drinking like horses. They smoke like horses. Well, seriously. Very much. I can't drink as much as these little girls do.Few people take relationships seriously. Dumped by a guy? I would have cried when I was 16. And girls can now find another one on a new registration the very next day. And everything. And no worries or tears. A lot of piercings, tattoos, shaved temples, pierced nipples and all that. It's fashionable to dislike children. It's fashionable to be a loner and not care about other people's opinions.

  3. Egoism became a priority (under the USSR, the collective helped to develop more and degrade less, since altruism was valued above petty-bourgeois egoism).

    Degradation has become the norm (imposed by a profit-hungry, cynical capital that doesn't care about the future of civilization or the collapse of culture).

    Looking sideways at the West, they forget about our identity, unique history, and our contribution to the development of society on the planet.

    Majorism, parasitism, boredom, cynicism, obscenity, and lack of culture have become the norm.

    Culture has ceased to unite and develop – now there are more and more divisions and degradation.

  4. First, immunity to the perception of various types of tinplate has greatly increased. A terrorist attack with a large number of victims or a brutal murder will no longer cause a surge of emotions in anyone. People who react violently to this are considered retarded and overly sensitive in the vision of a teenager, and it is customary to make fun of them.

    Secondly, selfishness has increased, and if it was previously hidden, now it is expressed quite openly. For the sake of personal gain, teenagers are now ready for more and do not hide it too much. Altruism and mutual aid are considered useless.

    Third, it is hostility and an attempt to oppose the moral values of the older generation. Atheism as opposed to the state's religious policies, ostentatious cynicism as opposed to “moralfazhestvo”, childfree and childhate as opposed to excessive love for small potbellies, “straight on f * * * lou” as opposed to homophobia.

    Fourth, tactless behavior and incorrectness in relation to others. Teenagers no longer care about other people's feelings or reactions. Now thoughts are expressed openly, even if the reaction is aggressive and even if these thoughts are completely out of place. Cynical banter over other people's principles, jokes on the pages of the dead – if you want to have fun, why not.

    Fifth, along with an indifferent attitude to others, there is also an indifferent attitude to yourself and your fate. Hence the fashion for infantileness, sadness, degradation (“degrade-I rummage in it”), the desire for risk in the form of the same rufing or at least for self-destruction by vinishka, blazer, grass, the necessary substitute.

  5. It all depends on what segment of the population we are talking about. In residential areas, everything remains the same as before – they go with the flow, smoke in the entrances, can't do anything in their free time, and don't want to change anything either in the country or in their own lives… There is a small percentage who want to move to a higher stratum with all their might, but they do it so aggressively that on a mental level they still don't fit in anywhere…

    In the middle class, everything is much more fun – there people at least try to develop, educate themselves, and build a career… They lead a healthy lifestyle, surround themselves with the right people, and try to do what they love.

  6. The morals of today's youth are somewhat different, this is true. However, it is not surprising, each generation is somewhat different from the other.

    To begin with, I will say that moral values have really fallen. Few people strive to help each other, many people are simply ridiculed – this is very bad.

    More audacity and stupid independence. Here everything is clear without explanation.

    It is quite difficult to single out some aspects, because people everywhere behave completely differently, and I try to generalize very much about Russian youth.

    Everything is decent, but there are also advantages. For example, with the advent of easy access to porn, many now seek early romantic relationships – this is quite a big plus.

    Children of our time do not know how to engage in hobbies not only together, but also in general. Laziness fights everyone on the spot, because there is so much temptation around.

    Young people are under a lot of pressure, school classes are more difficult than ever, and the future is uncertain. From the first days of school, children learn 6-7 lessons and not infrequently 6 days a week. Why? It is not known why the state is mocking you so much, but the fact is a fact… Hence such laziness, daily fatigue, no hobbies and self-development. The empty load is too large.

    Still, on average, young people try to develop separately from everyone, on the sly. Almost everyone is sitting in a scientific public or reading some magazine.

    People are further apart.

    And yet, although they have changed, everything will turn around again and everything will be smoother. It's just that such an abrupt transition has put too much on the shoulders of the new generation, and it is more worthy of regret than contempt. After such a boom in communication, freedom of information and dependence on the Internet, the reverse process will develop, which will pass just as quickly.

    I don't know what to write anymore, so I may have answered your question.

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