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  1. Difficult question. I know of only one possible example of an answer to such a question. Thought. The idea does not appear in the course of complex chemical reactions, does not require energy for production ( not to be confused with the performance of the brain itself, which, like any organ of our body, needs nutrition ), is able to accumulate in the form of knowledge, but the most interesting thing: at the moment of death of the body disappears, since the only possible carrier, the brain, dies. All knowledge disappears. I don't know where. There is a theory about the existence of the noosphere, the so-called sphere of mind, the information envelope of the planet, but this is only a theory. Questions about whether thought is material, has any weight, or carries any energy are fundamental to solving one of humanity's most interesting mysteries – life after death. But that's another topic.

  2. One of the answers to this philosophical question is the human soul, a new life.

    We all pass out of nowhere, acquire a so-called “soul” (and in fact – the psyche), and then go nowhere, to nirvana. and why this happens and the meaning of it is discussed by people in all the years and times of history, but the answer to these mysteries will always remain subjective. Don't put a minus sign if you were looking for a different answer. This requires the opinion of many thinkers, not just one.

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