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  1. If you are talking about the idea that we live in a computer simulation like in the movie “The Matrix”, then this topic is widely explored in modern philosophy.

    And not only in the modern world: Descartes already wondered if we can be sure that our sensations are not the result of an illusion created by an evil demon (sometimes this problem is called “Descartes ' Demon”). However, Descartes was not the first – it is enough to recall the allegory of Plato's cave (all people are like prisoners sitting in a dungeon and seeing only the shadows of real objects) or the idea of “maya” in Indian philosophy. All modern discussions about virtual reality directly inherit these ancient religious and philosophical ideas (in the Matrix, for example, there are many references to Gnosticism).

    Of those who write on this topic, the most famous isNick Bostrom, whose work inspired, for example, Elon Musk. Bostrom's argument looks something like this:

    1. If civilizations in principle survive to the state of technological development, when they can create a simulation of reality
    2. and if such civilizations actually run such simulations,
    3. then we are probably in a simulation.

    Why? Because if a simulation is possible, then it is quite possible that there are several such simulations (if we look at the history of technologies, the general dynamics is that technologies that originally existed in a single instance became more widespread over time). If even for some reason (for example, too much energy consumption) it is impossible to run several simulations in parallel, then they can be run sequentially. And since there are many simulations, but only one reality, we most likely live in a simulation.

    From Bostrom's point of view, only reasons 1 and 2 can guarantee that we are living in a true reality. For example, it is possible that civilizations never survive to such a technological level at all – there is some law of the death of civilizations (this idea is called the “Great Filter” and is also used to solve the Fermi Paradox). Or it is possible that advanced civilizations never run such simulations (for example, at some stage they all develop an ethical principle prohibiting making such simulations, and civilizations that have not developed such ethics for some reason die out).

    Bostrom himself suggests in the paper that 1, 2, and 3 are equally likely. An interesting additional takeaway from all this, which Bostrom concludes the article with, is that ” if we don't live in a simulation, our descendants will almost certainly not create such a simulation.”

  2. What is more important is not what it confirms, but what it leads us to understand. Matrix boundaries (as teachings or instructions) – statements about what is unacceptable (under threat of expulsion from the matrix) within the matrix itself. For those who have become involved in the knowledge and understanding of super-matrix laws, a super-matrix range of possibilities opens up. For such people, the matrix becomes not a house, but a “room in the house”.

  3. In the beginning was the Word! In modern jargon – information. Through it, everything began to be! That is, information itself created the world – that is, the world is pure information.

  4. This theory is refuted logically.

    There is a formula: if A follows from both B and not-B, then A is true.

    Let B be the statement: the real world (in this case, the one in which the Matrix is created) is deterministic, in which the future is predetermined.

    Then the non-B statement is: the real world is not deterministic.

    If B is true, then the Matrix created in such a world is also deterministic, which means that in the world of this Matrix, experiments on testing Bell inequalities will show that the concept of” local realism ” is correct, which does not correspond to the results of physical experiments in our world.

    If not-B is true, then the Matrix created in such a world will have failures, and, due to its digital nature, in any part of any Matrix program, including those responsible for fundamental world constants (such as the speed of light, the rest mass of an electron, etc.), and on any scale (a failure in one of the bits in the value of the exponent of a real number can increase or decrease it millions of times!). But such “large-scale failures” have never been observed in any physical experiment in our world.

    Thus, both B and non-B follow: we are not in such a Matrix. Since there are no Matrices other than those created in B and those created in non-B, we are not in the Matrix.

  5. This topic of the matrix is regularly raised in the community. And smart literate people are seriously discussing this nonsense. Don't you feel sorry for your time?. There are so many interesting things in the world that are worth discussing and time spent. Only the human brain can come up with such a fixed idea and occupy its resources with understanding this gibberish. The idea itself, in the minds of the “researchers”, was born from the Wachowski film “The Matrix”. What, in this case, is worse than Descartes ' Demon, I don't understand. Well, it's clear that demons already suck. Now computers are leading, so is the matrix. There is such an effect. If we project the screen itself onto a computer screen, we will get an infinite mirror image. Well, test yourself, you brainwashers. Design your simulation for yourself, if you get an infinite mirror image, we are in the matrix. How? Well, I do not know. For example, connect to Akasha.

  6. “What confirms the reality of the matrix theory?” Oddly enough, dreams, especially lucid dreams, are when a person clearly understands that they are dreaming. And not just as real as reality, but often much more vivid, colorful, and clear. Although ordinary dreams, where a person does not have a will, but simply observes, are often remembered for life.

  7. The matrix, as discussed in this article, is a product of the human understanding of this process, which, a priori, cannot be the ultimate truth. If we look at the same process – life – a little differently, a more interesting concept appears: The world is multi-variable and changes HERE and NOW, our PAST is being rewritten right before our eyes-and this is confirmed by the”Mandela effect”. Perhaps yesterday there was one inscription on the banner near your house, and today it is slightly different – Are you SURE? that you'll notice it?

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