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  1. I would talk about two types of ethics in this case. The first is scientific ethics. It consists in demanding honesty, including in front of yourself. It is unethical to rig the results, it is unethical to design the experiment from the beginning so that it gives the necessary data, and so on. The entire scientific community monitors compliance with this ethic by reading other people's work and trying to reproduce the results.

    The second is universal ethics, adjusted for the fact that an experiment can create a complex and far from everyday moral dilemma. As far as I know, there are no “ethics commissions” attached to institutes, and there are no approved procedures, so it seems that these are always personal ethical considerations of a particular person who decides whether to conduct an experiment. The exception is those areas where experiments are deliberately prohibited (cloning, for example), due to the obvious lack of an acceptable solution to the ethical issues that arise, it is assumed that we cannot give people the right to decide these issues themselves as they please. In other words, we are talking, in fact, only about the area of ethical issues that we consider controversial, because we have codified the indisputable ones by law.

  2. The ethics of the experiment is determined by two indicators –

    1. The absence of deliberate information deception.
    2. Lack of general cultural immorality.

    The reasons for deliberate information deception are colossal temptations when manipulating the results of an experiment in order to successfully pass off wishful thinking as real/factual.

    Causes of general cultural immorality – obtaining results that are of interest for military-criminal or commercial purposes-and grossly violate general cultural prohibitions/taboos.

  3. In experimental science, there is NO such criterion as “ethics”. The experiment should be completed, see what happened and draw conclusions. This is the goal of science. And ethics as well as aesthetics belong to the topics of conversations of sofa philosophers. Humanity has been eating each other for thousands of years. Not figuratively,but literally. And it stopped doing this when it invented cattle breeding. This was the biggest ETHICAL breakthrough in the history of mankind. But until now, every day on Earth, some people dressed in military uniforms legally kill other people dressed in other military uniforms. Until it stops talking about ethics is pointless.

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