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  1. St. Augustine's answer to this is: God created hell for those who ask such questions. (UPD: I was misled by Kuraev. Actually blj. Augustine recalls this joke and says that he will not give such an answer and describes his theory of time).

    Because BEFORE the creation of the world (and therefore time, since time was also created), there could be no “before” and “after”, because these “before ” and” after ” are temporal categories, that is, words indicating the period of time, which then (when? – never, in general) was not.�

    Therefore, before the creation of the world, there was no before and the question is therefore meaningless.

  2. I have no idea who St. Augustine is, and I haven't read anything about him in Yandex Q? Probably his publications on other sites, since the link to the already deceased person looks rather strange? All the witnesses he said died too! So I'll take this opportunity to give you my opinion while I'm alive, and you can ask me! I think it's just not decent to give arguments to people who have died? I do not know what God did before the creation of the world? I just asked him more about how our world works? The explanations of God that were given to me indicate that the author of the question does not understand space-time relations well? The concept, Before, is inappropriate, because there is no conceptAfter? for a simple reason: The time has not yet been created! Einstein, who was already dead, looked at this from a different perspective, but he did not deny the existence of God. Would it be interesting to make science and religion amateur? What do you mean, you work during the day, but you're already doing them in the evening? therefore, before the creation of the past billions of years, or one moment!

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