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  1. Dialectic means (dia) through and through lectio (lego, collect). This is a common name for looking at the word “from above”. The axis that words are put on.�

    What Gobs meant by “the weak get tangled up in words, and the strong break through them” In finding meaning for themselves at the moment, of course. Thus, dialectics is a tool for passing in what is between the lines, in the possibility of enriching consciousness as a result of their perception.

    Doublethink can also be interpreted in different ways, as the calculation of variants that are divided into two branches in nodes. Or as two strategies running in parallel, or a double bottom of the plan. In any case, it may be part of the dialectical field, or it may even be called the domain of its technical techniques, but not vice versa. Dialectics, in my opinion, stitches through words, frees them from their inertia, and gets the benefit of words for nothing, while doublethink, as a limited concept, requires working in paired categories.

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