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  1. For myself, like almost every normal person, to wean off the pleasures before turning into nothing.

    Self-development is not imaginary, but rather a product of the fight against boredom.

    A lot of discoveries were made when scientists were just messing around with bullshit, so you need to live for yourself:)) and this is normal 😉 so I try to live.

  2. First, to extend my genome for at least another 1 generation, when there is a child, I will most likely be like a real father, follow all the rules of life in order to preserve a safe and good life for my child,then I will follow myself.When I have some free time, I will read everything that will affect the correctness and truth of my thoughts, so that with the help of thinking I can achieve philosophical answers to this life.

    Promote healthy eating.�

    I would create an organization that would promote food as the body needs any substances, and not for the sake of pleasure.And they gave free dietary guidelines based on their individual needs. It would solve the problem of food addiction, without hunger, food is harmful.

    Promote “clean information”.

    Where they will process text, and squeeze out the juice that people would understand them without much difficulty-this will make it possible to increase awareness in the disparate types of information surrounding everyone first of all.

    And play mario before you die.

  3. I live mainly because of human curiosity. I simply wonder what will happen next and what happened before. I like to follow the progress, draw parallels with the past. Observe the development of humanity. Various philosophical and historical works help with this. And we can easily observe the fruits of progress: unmanned vehicles, flights into space, increasing processor power, etc.

    I have some big philosophical questions that humanity cannot answer. And I live in the hope that I will get answers to these questions. It will be a shame if you don't.

    What do you think “imaginary” self-development means? I, for example, study mathematics and you can even say I live it. It gives me pleasure to touch something that most people avoid. I live by exploring various structures and questions.

    I dare to suggest that you ask this question because you don't understand why you should live if sooner or later death comes and everything is in vain.

    Do what you like to do. Get rid of labels, stereotypes and prejudices. Well, don't think about dying. That's basically all. There is nothing supernatural.

  4. I have formed the opinion that to some extent fate or someone, something else has decided who and what we will become on the path of life, and there is an opinion that every person lives for a reason, but he has a certain goal, only it depends on him whether he will fulfill it or not. I am currently searching for the same goal and hope that I will do something socially useful and my name will not be forgotten (but if there is nothing after death, then this is not so important, but I would still like to do exactly as I wrote at first). I also live for the fact that I just want to end up enjoying every day, I want to love, because love is the most beautiful feeling that lives in us. By loving, I make my life happier and just feel better every day.

  5. For now, probably to determine what I live for. The meaning of my life is to find the meaning of life. And when I find it, I'll see. (The response must not be less than 140 characters long.)

  6. to listen to music. music is beautiful, it makes me live for it. I hope that my future will be connected with it. I'm not talking about playing any musical instrument. I want to sing, dance. think about how good music is, what people and nature create? not Morgenstern and the others… I can hardly give an example. Yes, everyone has different tastes, and I have no right to offend them. love everything that surrounds you, please. live for yourself first.

  7. first of all, for the sake of knowledge – knowledge of yourself, the world around you, knowledge of what is good, what is evil, what is eternal, and what is temporary, etc.and based on this knowledge, experience and Revelation about life, choose the most correct and happy path and go through it to the end. Again, you need to make a reservation that if you do not believe in God, nor in retribution for your ways, nor in good, nor in Truth, nor in Light, then there is no special high meaning in life – everything equalizes Non-Existence – after the game, both black and white pieces are placed in one box, everything has passed and it is not there. But I still believe in the Creator, in the life after life, and in the resurrection.

  8. I live because I was already born. If I hadn't been born, I wouldn't have cared. I have parents and relatives who love me, and if I am gone, I will not be able to feel or think anything, but I can cause them a trauma for life. I won at roulette, I exist with just such a set of genes, consciousness, body, appearance. If I like something, I study it; if I don't like it, I don't study it. I have no goal in life to become an intellectual, but I strive to find inner harmony. So xs, in general, just because I was born, yes.

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  1. I believe that life has no meaning, although it seems to me that this is the reason to live, and also the only one. Although it seems to me that there is always at least a small reason to live. Although as for me, in my life all these reasons have long collapsed, and I can't think of any new ones. So I drag my everyday existence along.

  2. Life is an interesting thing, and there are many reasons to live, but they are all small as grains of sand on the beach, the only thing that gives an incentive is a dream, a dream to visit the whole world, a dream to see something worth living for, a dream to create something that will be deposited in the minds of people for centuries. But in addition to all this, there is another reason, this is the fear of death, probably the fear of the unknown, and what will happen next? What if some religion is correct? What will happen to me then? What if it doesn't? What will I feel or see then, what will happen to me, how will it all end? In general, I would like to live forever and achieve my every dream.

  3. I'm just wondering what happens next. It's like watching a movie (or even acting in one). I often think, um, I wonder how I'm going to get out of this mess. how can I handle this situation? Well, the intrigue is the same, and) You can also choose the soundtracks yourself-finally zashibis.
    And the genre of this film is very different. Most often, this is some kind of arthouse like Jarmusch. But there is also a psychological drama, and comedy, and a road movie (there was no action yet).�
    All the “deeper” meanings of life are still questionable for me – I'm still searching.�
    In general, I agree with the idea of Viktor Frankl, he wrote well about the meaning of life. Life, whatever it is, is always worth living.

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  1. The reason we're here?

    It exists.

    The cause is not biological or accidental.

    As long as we consider intelligence to be the highest state, we will be at a dead end, limited by the limits of our own mind.

    The answer is inside and you can find it by looking outside.

  2. I exist in an attempt to live a full life, but every time I ruin everything because of the fear of responsibility and the fear of facing reality.

    something like that. I think I'm trying to live, but I still feel like a shadow. I make soap, I made an aroma lamp from a glass and toothpicks. but it still hurts.

  3. What do I live for? Honestly, I ask myself this question every day, but I don't find any clear answer yet. I think the day I realize this will be the most beautiful day of my life. In the meantime, I'll just look for my personal, personal meaning:)

  4. People are sent to the world with two goals: self-development towards God and improvement of the world. You can say it this way: to do good and fight evil. I'm no exception. And everything else in life is a background and unnecessary husk.

  5. It's hard to answer why without getting lost on “why”, but I'll try.�
    1)I live to feel my favorite feelings a few more times: admiration, love and interest. Break a couple of stereotypes for someone and understand the rules by experimenting. To test how much I can achieve and how close my model of the world will be to working at the end of my life. Just for fun, anyway. It's nice to live.
    2) To help achieve their goals for those who take the world seriously, who have goals that are more important to them than mine are to me(this is also nice for some reason, see the point above).
    And 3: I live to keep my promise. Somewhere in his teens, he promised a friend not to leave him alone. And they don't break their promises)

  6. I'm ready for the downsides, but I'll go against the previous two speakers and say it right away. You are not asked about the meaning of life here, I personally find these philosophical sheets boring to read, although very informative, you were asked what you live for and you can really devote just a few lines to this.
    � You know, you wake up in the morning, go to the kitchen, make yourself a delicious coffee in a turk, omelet with mushrooms and жар roast ham, turn on your favorite music. And this morning, like the rest of the day, is already set. Then you sit down for your project, inspiration and rushing, or go for a walk with friends, and maybe even to work. And everything you do on this day is easy. That's what I live for, for days like this, for more of them. Thank you, I'm done.

  7. I will also start from afar, because I don't like Mr. Podorozhny's answer.�

    There is no objective meaning to life. Meaning is our attitude to things. “What is it for?” It's like a computer – there is syntax in the search for characters, but without an intelligent being using the computer, there is no semantics.

    Life is an end in itself, not a means to some other end. The continuation of existence is the main, highest value of any living being. And the process of life is to evaluate everything else in accordance with this highest value, how events and actions affect the preservation of the main value. And accordingly, performing actions that lead to the preservation of this value in the best possible way.

    We are engaged in translating as much energy as possible into life, and we evaluate everything in relation to how it helps our task. Since we have self-awareness, we have another higher value – the preservation of this self-awareness. That is, we do not transfer energy to life in general, or to a similar life, it is important for us (or should be important, despite the prevailing views about the value of self-sacrifice) to transfer energy to our lives, for the sake of continuing our own existence. This is not the case with the amoeba or most other living creatures, for which the continuation of the genus is more important than the continuation of their own existence. Our “mental program”, so to speak, overlaps most of the time with the biological one.�

    I live to live. I don't need an excuse for my life, it is valuable in itself, without being valuable to someone else.

  8. Recently, the answer to this question is given to me extremely easily: I live to be happy.�

    We all know that life is one, everything is done. We also know that we are all fucking different, so I don't see a universal CONCRETE answer.�

    It can be anything! From raising a worthy replacement for yourself, to childfree-climbing to the highest peaks of our planet, so that you can spread your arms and yell some obscene word, so that you can really get high from this so that you won't be ashamed to die right there.�

    They say that life is a game. Fuck it! In games, we have a concept laid down by the developers of how to achieve success.�

    IRL this concept is chosen by us.

    So, gentlemen, here you go. Not at this initial stage, anyway. Instead of a free training level in games, in real life we have a fat boss at the beginning, defeating which gives us not a beautiful final screen saver, but a vector of movement for further movement.

  9. But I don't think twice. I live to have fun.

    Everyone has their own definition of pleasure. I have self — realization, travel, constant updating of the baggage of knowledge that directly affects the perception of everything around me, self-care, improving the living conditions of my own and relatives. Comfort in everything. I.e. “goals”, if they can be called such, both material and”spiritual”.

  10. If you don't mind, I'll start from a little distance, pushing my glasses a little higher to my eyebrows with the index finger of my beautiful, strong right hand.

    Perhaps there is a reason for the existence of humanity. That is, one day we will finally become a civilized society. We will have crazy technologies and knowledge that can help other civilizations. And then we'll fly through space looking for other idiots like us. We'll find it. We will help you. Next cho? Xs.�

    So far, I don't see the exact meaning. Yes, there are good goals – to make this world a better place, to develop, improve and create new things. But, in general, so far humanity is just rolling in the pussy – which is also not very bad, because it's fun and interesting. Although sometimes scary.�

    In general, I want to ask, what is the meaning of life, but what is the meaning of the existence of the Universe? How do you like this question, eh? What are all these black (oh, African-American) holes, planets, gravity and other fantastic things for?�

    All this is a big mechanism. But why the hell was it created? Where did atoms, molecules, protons come from…? No, it is clear that there are many theories: strings, big bang, god, etc. But all this does not explain the main question – why? Here, well, why?�

    Here we want to eat. What for? So as not to die. What for? To live. What for? So as not to die. It's all pretty cyclical and stupid, don't you think? It looks like we were actually programmed to be morons. We can pretend to be intellectuals and humorists here, but when our instincts are pinned down, we shit our pants with a chorus of loud nasty farts and death throes.�

    We are not given to understand the real reason for life. So all I can do is enjoy it by stimulating the release of oxytocin and endorphin using legal natural methods. This does not mean that for me consumerism is the meaning of life, no. I just enjoy achieving other goals.�

    What do I live for? At school, a friend asked me: “What is your meaning in life?” (well, you know, it was fashionable to be a reasonable and intelligent pezdyuk). To which I replied: “In small joys”. And you know, not much has changed since that time, except that now the joys are different for me – more socially suitable and important.�

    So all we can do is blindly move forward, maybe in the future something will become clear. The main thing is to be honest with ourselves – we don't know shit.

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