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  1. The world is real. Your understanding of your position in it is unrealistic. Because of this, everything you see may seem unreal to you. Once you realize who you really are, you will see reality.

  2. “It's silly to talk to you seriously, but I must point out that you're not the first one to talk this nonsense. Pretending to doubt the reality of the world is the most cowardly form of avoiding this very reality. Utter squalor, if you must know. Despite its apparent absurdity, cruelty, and meaninglessness, this world still exists, doesn't it? Exists with all the problems that it has? Therefore, talking about the unreality of the world does not indicate high spirituality, but quite the opposite. If you don't accept the creation, you don't accept the Creator either” – Chapaev and the Void, V. Pelevin.

    By no means do I mean that this theory is nonsense, just a quote like this. I quote these words only because even if our world is virtual, many problems and tasks are still perceived as real by us. When a gamer immerses himself in the game, he sees the mission as a real life task. (I don't play computer games, why am I talking about this?: D)

    In general, the theory is very interesting, just a great risk to use it to escape from pressing problems.

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