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  1. We can't say what happened, because there wasn't even time.�

    That is, “then” did not exist at all. There was only “after”.

    I'm at a loss for words myself. It's hard to imagine that nothing happened.

    Let's put it this way: then there was “never” and there was never anything

  2. There was nothing. It's hard to imagine, but the point is that at that moment there was no such thing as time and all the physical laws known to us were missing. Therefore, in this context, the question has no answer.

  3. There can only be one answer: Science doesn't know. All possible assumptions on this topic (at least for now, and I think for a long time to come) will be unscientific. One thing, at least, is certain: our universe did not exist. Perhaps there was some other reason, perhaps there was nothing at all.
    However, if the assumption that our universe is a virtual reality turns out to be correct, then the answer is obvious: our universe did not exist, but there was (and still is) another super-universe in which our illusion was created.

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