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  1. Living reliable witnesses, what they did after their death has not yet been revealed to us-living in this world.
    We can assume what and how happens to a person during the TRANSITION from the world of life to the world of death.
    I've read some interesting books, for example. Here's a couple. The name is approximate (I don't remember exactly yet): 1st – the Tibetan Book of the Dead. 2nd – the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
    The essence of these books is to prepare and help the transition of a person to the world of the dead…. who? The gods! On this path there are many obstacles (fire, monsters …) and temptations (mundane) and not everyone can overcome them. Because it will still be available to the world of the living. Therefore, initiates from the world of the living help (special music, songs, etc.) those who have left our world to go through this difficult path of transition to the world of the dead-this is from the point of view of us – the living

  2. Good question) There are many options, from religious rebirth to quantum immortality, but I am still a realist, and, as boring as it may be, I believe that a person simply ceases to exist, his body remains to rot, to return to the earth what he took from her. In fact, it's sad, you live for yourself, you look at the world,and then one day … darkness.

  3. His body starts to rot. Some, by the way, rot during their lifetime) And the soul flies to heaven. Someone to hell well, and someone to heaven) So behave yourself and don't mess around !

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