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  1. The meaning of life is self-improvement –

    this path is guaranteed to succeed –

    find all the answers to all your questions,

    optimally solve all the problems of your personal life and moreover…., get the highest quality of life,

    get a deeper understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

  2. The meaning of life at the level of the mind (think) – does not exist. So if you start thinking about it, you'll start coming up with your own meaning, local, private, since shared is not available. To understand the general meaning, you need to go beyond the mind, and that's another story)

  3. The only meaning of life for all people living on earth is to try to overcome the Spirit over the flesh. Everything else is not so important. Dodge the evil!

  4. A person should feel that he is needed by society and that he is comfortable in this society, he becomes a person. To become a person is to fulfill the tasks that were prescribed for him from above. This is how the meaning of human presence on Earth is realized, to fulfill its purpose. Many people spend their lives in a void…

  5. I think the point is for my life to make the world a better place, a kinder place,so that after living a certain period of time,I can say to myself – I live according to my conscience,

  6. The best answer can be found in the books of the psychoanalyst Fromm. From his point of view, a person is a creature that must develop all the abilities inherent in it. But what are these abilities? And here's the fun part.

    The difference between humans and animals is that humans are potentially not limited in their choice. For example, the ability to dream confirms this. Therefore, “inherent abilities” should be understood as the ability to do anything.

    From this we get that the question of the meaning of life can have only one answer – to do whatever you want. Of course, here you need to take into account the limitations that arise simply due to the fact that people are walking around who have exactly the same ability. This restricts “doing anything”, but the direction of the vector “meaning of life” does not change from this.

  7. The meaning of life is to live.

    Develop, create spiritually, financially, as for the person's personality, family, descendants, etc.

    Worthy and selfless. This is the point.

  8. The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator”.

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