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  1. It's just a myth that most people use no more than 10 % of their brain (in other versions of the legend-15, 7, 5, and so on). The statement “people use only 10% of their brain” is used in science as an example of a “misconception about psychology” or a “neuromyphoid”.

    It's also an obsessive myth that people can increase their brain activity by tapping into an “unused” part of the brain. Delirium and more delirium!

    The human brain can indeed be developed through exercise, but the idea that people use only part of the brain is incorrect. According to current data, each part of the brain has a specific function. Scientific studies have not identified areas of the brain that are not used!

    Conclusion: “science” fiction! The plot in the films “Regions of Darkness” or “Lucy” has and cannot have anything to do with reality!

  2. Here's the thing: it's impossible to quantify exactly how the brain works.

    Electrical voltages and waves can be larger or smaller and are not related to productivity, it all depends on the mood, condition and personality: someone's brain will puff, but work poorly, or it works well at low speeds in one area and poorly in another. The degree of brain tension is an organic factor, and this is not directly reflected in a person's happiness or performance.

    Then maybe we can measure abilities and results. – but then what will we take for 100%, because all people have different brains, different personalities and different abilities in different areas, how can all this be compared and measured??

    States in which the brain is more stressed (that is, as it were, “works at more percent”) – among them there are both painful and enlightened, this is just a property of some states. As it is correctly noted, this is the same as “how much % does the computer work”: the processor can be loaded at either 1% or 100%, and the user may not even suspect: the user's state does not directly depend on the processor load, memory, or other details. Similarly, the state of consciousness depends only indirectly and indirectly on the degree of brain loading.

    Accordingly, there is essentially nothing to compare with the effect of substances. A worldview is more of an ordinary background than a peak achievement, it cannot be formed at full tension, and the brain cannot constantly work in tension.

    What if you were always aware? Marijuana doesn't always make you aware – even if it makes you aware in one case, it can make you less aware in another. Acid weakens the boundaries between areas of the psyche, but this again does not give anyone any outstanding awareness. Yes, psychonauts in a certain plan, in a certain area have sensitivity – but how they can use this information in their real life, it depends on themselves, perhaps no known substance in itself will make a person suddenly start to understand everything correctly and act perfectly.

  3. The movie goes on YouTube, where the guy has half his head blown off and the brain is left there, well, very little. But he somehow lives and even smokes. It is difficult for people who do not understand the concept of consciousness to explain what they think there and that this process is only indirectly connected with the brain. As for the awareness of space, the banal disabling of internal dialogue allows you to 100% more adequately navigate in space.

  4. I don't think so. Drugs (any kind), as well as substances like LSD, mescaline, etc. create a kind of prism that distorts the usual,” tuned ” from birth perception. Another question is if the “hardware improvement” will make it possible in any way to perceive previously impossible phenomena (increase the range of hearing, touch, smell, etc., add the ability to “feel” radio waves, various radiation, etc.) here yes…

    As for working at 5, 10, 100%.. indeed, there are enough myths, misconceptions, assumptions and hopes. However, it is difficult to talk about this. Historically, recently the brain was generally considered an organ for producing snot. Moreover, the scientists of that time argued about this with no less aplomb than the current “knowing the truth”.

    So far, there are still many more questions than answers. And the answers, for the most part, are rather hypothetical, even if supported by a powerful block of research. What can I talk about if I don't have an answer to the main questions: how does it happen and what is a person's awareness of himself as a person, whether it is related to memory, and so on.?

    As for illusions… How you can deceive the brain is perfectly described by Lem in his “Congress of Futorologists”, he also, by the way, deduced the postulate that it is impossible to determine by a person whether the real or perfectly modeled reality surrounds him.

    As for science fiction, like “Lucy”, or the same “Matrix”… Alas, the methods of influencing the brain described in them are not far removed from M. Twain's ” Yankees at Court…”, where time transfer occurs using a sledgehammer. In general, brain cognition is best described here

  5. Even the best TV that works one hundred percent is not able to produce anything on its own.

    The brain (a human tool on the physical plane) if it works at 100% has nothing to do with the worldview.

    The high consciousness uses the brain just as the savage does. The only difference is in the” efficiency ” of the individual. If the savage has only learned to hammer nails with a laptop, then a developed personality can work in a complex editor. However, the laptop does not generate ideas and does not explain love. The real difference, ideological, creative, etc., is on the higher planes of human existence, starting with the mental one.

  6. It is enough to recall the movie Stalker,when he led a professor and a writer to the ball that fulfills wishes.Here the professor is world famous and the writer is no less popular, but so they could not decide what else they need.I mean Tarkovsky's Stalker not that cheap guy from Hollywood

  7. It's not the brain that doesn't work 100%, but you don't load it 100%.%

    Example: you bought a powerful computer: a top-end processor, a cool video card and play minesweeper or open text files in notepad. The fact that the graphics displayed by the minesweeper have not improved or the text in the notebook is written with errors does not mean that your computer does not pull your great tasks…

  8. Here you can draw an analogy with a computer. Here there are also indications of “processor load”, “RAM usage”. For example, right now, my CPU is only 33% used, and my RAM is only 18% used. But if all this starts working at 100%, then there will be no difference. It will just consume more power and make more noise.

  9. Our brain is already working at 100%, Luc Besson in his film “Lucy” at the time showed how it could be. And the effects of Narcotic substances only allow you to look at things from a different angle.

  10. There would be no life, there would be an exchange of information without nerves, feelings, etc.
    I think it's something like that, and LSD, yes to the bazaar, expands CONSCIOUSNESS, but it's limited to your nervous system.
    My opinion. Either your brain is manipulating YOU OR YOU ARE MANIPULATING YOUR BRAIN (SOMETHING).

  11. Drugs stimulate brain inactivity, there was a lot of research in Soviet times at the Brain Institute-see S. V. Savelyev about the brain, books, website, a lot in YouTube, etc.

  12. It would probably be comparable to the effect of cocaine. I've never tried it myself, but drug addicts I know say that it makes my reaction and senses more acute. And the effects of marijuana are the opposite, with them rather oligophrenes are comparable.

  13. The brain always works at one hundred percent-it does not depend on the percentage, but on the number of neurons involved in the process of drawing the future. Brains can be small or greasy, there are dried and burnt out, but they always work at the service station. A neuron that doesn't work dies.

  14. It is incomparable with Marijuana, because it is a light drug that makes you laugh and makes you want to pohat. An alcoholic causes more damage to the body and a serious change in perception.

    LSD will not increase the performance of the brain in terms of performing a work task. The worldview will expand in some ways, but it may not change. It depends on what you're thinking at that moment. The space in LSD is different, it can change, or rather you will have a very altered perception of external stimuli. You can see music or feel that the body has dissolved. But, this is just your perception with the body everything will be fine.

    Drugs are not an indicator of increasing the efficiency of the brain, but pampering, sometimes dangerous.

    Elon Musk chip revealed embedded in pig's brain. It can read and write data. This is more interesting.

    Cool will be when sober can remember the necessary information in an almost unlimited amount. Write data. And analyze complex solutions quickly.

  15. Under lsd and other psychotic drugs, consciousness does not expand, if it expanded, then you could just take it away and do scientific research/solve super-complex problems out of the blue.

    Now show me at least one such “expander” who at least understood string theory at an elementary level.

  16. To begin with, the human brain only works at 10% – a mistake.

    Each part of the brain has its own purpose, and most likely there is no case when at least one location did not work (if the brain is fine, of course). Whatever rest your body is in, you always remember the past, think about the present, plan for the future, perceive what you see, make sense of what you hear, coordinate your movements, and unconsciously regulate the work of your internal organs. So it always works at 100%.

    Wikipedia has a good article on this topic, called ” The Myth of the 10% Usable Part of the Brain.”

    And now for the drugs.

    As a rule, narcotic substances cause a strong influx of neurotransmitters in the brain – that is, substances responsible for transmitting signals between nerve cells. Basically, it is serotonin and dopamine that cause feelings of joy and enjoyment. Since the sudden joy comes completely from scratch, the brain, numb from clogged channels, can take this feeling for knowing all the secrets of the universe.

    A drugged person will be absolutely sure that they can see through the universe, but the Buddha would only shake his head sadly at them.

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