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  1. The question is interesting and not much fun. I will try to answer it as seriously as possible, based on two facts. One fact is religious-God made man in his own image and likeness. Therefore, the desired appearance of the creator should not be very different from his creation – the first person. The creation of the first man was much earlier than the division of people into races and even before their settlement on the planet, since even God cannot first settle people and only then create a person.

    The next scientific fact is that the first migrations of Homo erectus (Homo erectus) began in Africa about two million years ago. So 2,000,000 years ago is the minimum period (no later) when the Creator could have created a human being. Since God is a constant quantity, it is logical to assume that after 2000000 years He has not changed and looks something like this.

  2. There are no” higher powers”, everything depends on our consciousness and our technical inventions and on the fantastic films that we have watched. With the invention of computers, the “bogolyubovs”have new concepts,” virtual reality”, that we are all in the game, and “god” is some kind of Admin, watching and managing this game from the outside. After the movie “The Matrix”, that we are all in “some matrix”. Religion, “god” and everything connected with it was invented by people, created a whole layer of subculture on this invention, and it all develops, changes because people's consciousness is also changing, and people's perception of the world around them is changing.

  3. This question probably interests many people. Can we know this? What do we need to know about God? What is the most important thing for us?

    As already written: “God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them” (Genesis 1:27).

    Romans 1: 19-20 says, ” What can be known about God is clear to them, because God has revealed it to them. For His invisible things, His eternal power and Divinity, have been visible from the foundation of the world through the contemplation of creatures…” From this passage of Scripture, we can understand that we may not know everything about God, but what is important to us is what God has revealed to us. How did you reveal it? Through the contemplation of creations. Contemplation is not just about looking and saying beautiful things, it means studying carefully to see how majestic, powerful, and beautiful these creations are: the sun, moon, stars, sky, mountains, forests, seas, animals, birds, humans, and everything around us. If we see beauty in them, we must know how much better they are than the God who created them. Everything is thought out to the subtlety, everything is interconnected; one thing complements the other. How much greater is the One who was able to create this? Here's what we need to see in God: His greatness, His omnipotence, His supernatural intelligence (the Bible says that His intelligence is not invisible). What should this encourage us to do? To fear this God, to learn what God created us for and how to live properly before Him, because everyone knows that the end of our life on earth will surely come. And after death, we will need to give an account to God for our lives.

    How else did God reveal Himself?

    John 1: 18 “No one has ever seen God; the only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has revealed.” Jesus Christ revealed Himself to be God. What do we need to know about God through Jesus?

    What was Jesus ' coming to this world like? He was the son of a carpenter; he was born in a stable, and there was no room for them in an inn; he walked, and often had nothing to eat; and Isaiah 53: 2 says of Christ that He has neither form nor majesty… What does it mean? When Jesus Christ came to earth, he “humbled Himself, taking the form of a servant( i.e., a man), becoming in the likeness of men, and in appearance becoming like a man” (Philippians 2:7). In other words, He did not look powerful, otherwise all people would have trembled before Him, but He came to people not out of compulsion to serve Him, but out of love for Him. The Lord Jesus did not show the external (physical) image of God. What then did Christ reveal?

    Even one of the disciples of Jesus Christ the Son of God was interested in this. Jesus said to them, ” If you knew Me, you would also know My Father. And from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” To this, Philip, one of the disciples, said: “My God! Show us the Father, and enough is enough for us. Jesus said to him, ” How long have I been with you, and you don't know Me, Philip?” He who has seen Me has seen the Father; how then do you say, “Show us the Father?” (John 14:7-9).

    The problem is that a person often wants to see the appearance, and Jesus talks about the character of God, what fills the heart of God; what is God in essence; what qualities are inherent in God and what is not in Him; how God relates to man. And this is what Jesus Christ revealed to the world in the works that He did, in the words that He spoke. He showed the whole world what God does. Today we can learn about this from the Bible, especially in the New Testament.

    In Hebrews 1: 3, it is written about Jesus that He is “the brightness of glory and the image of His hypostasis (God).” Many people mistakenly understand that this is an external image. In the Greek original, the word “image “has the meaning of character, where the word” character “is used, and hypostasis means”person, essence”. In other words, Jesus represents the nature of the entity Of god.

    When Christ walked the earth, His disciples walked with Him, and many people generally treated Him boldly, even crucifying Him; in Isaiah 53: 3, it is written, ” He was despised, and we held Him in contempt.” But when Jesus appeared to His disciple John after His ascension into heaven, John writes in Revelation 1: 17, “And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as one dead.” This is what happens when God does not appear in the form of a man, but John also did not see the Lord's face, he only saw that it was like the sun shining in its power.

    Another passage in the Old Testament tells us that it is impossible for a person to see God and live. Moses asked God to show the glory of God, but the Lord said that you can only see from behind, and the face of God will not be visible to you (Exodus 33: 18-23). Why does God hide His face from man? He does not want a person to make any images and worship them. Deuteronomy 4: 15-19 ” Be sure in your hearts that you did not see any image in the day that the Lord spoke to you on Mount Horeb out of the midst of the fire, so that you do not go astray and make for yourselves graven images, images of any graven image, male or female…” God is alive, He is real, He is a Person, and He wants us to speak directly to Him, to the living Creator, and not through some statue or piece of wood.

    1 Timothy 6: 16 ” … the only mighty King of kings and Lord of lords, the only one who has immortality, who dwells in an unapproachable light, which no man has seen or can see.”

    From all these passages in the Bible, it can be concluded that God did not provide for us to know His visible (physical) image on earth, but He left for us what He created, through the consideration of which we need to know His image of the mighty Creator and Almighty, Who rules the entire universe, and on Whom we are completely dependent. And the second thing that God has provided for us is to know what kind of heart God has that loves all people, what kind of character He has.

    We need all this in order to fear Him, as the Father, Who gave us the commandments for life on earth, keeping which we will not be punished, because for our unrighteous actions, words and thoughts, there will be punishment. Here on earth, God wants us to be transformed into His image, that is, to acquire His character: patience, humility, love for our neighbors, for our enemies; mercy and many other good things that belong to God!

    If we want to see God physically in eternity, then it is very important for us to purify our heart, there are no other options. What God looks like on the outside, it will recognize only thosewho are free from sin in this life, who will receive forgiveness from God, and for this you need to turn to Him in sincere prayer, recognizing his sins, ask for forgiveness, to come to terms with Him, and to devote the rest of his life by keeping His commandments.

    1 John 3: 2-3 ” Beloved, We are now children of God; but it has not yet been revealed what we will be. We only know that when it is revealed, we will be like Him, because we will see Him as He is. And whosoever hath this hope in Him purifies himself even as He is pure.”

    Questions for us: Do we fear God? Are we His children? Do we cleanse our hearts of our sins as He is pure? That's what each of us needs. Matthew 5: 8 ” Blessed are those who are pure in heart, for they They will see God.”

    May the Lord bless and teach us all!

  4. To find out what the Lord God looks like, you must have the appropriate qualities and qualifications. Just as it is impossible to see the melody in the notes, determine the style, size, harmony, etc., without proper education and hearing, so it is impossible to see and understand the Lord without proper training. The Personality of Godhead is not material, but has a spiritual Form or spiritual body. This image corresponds to the revelations that have descended on the sources of authoritative religious denominations. In accordance with the revelations that a person studies as an instruction for knowing the image of God, he sees it exactly as it is described in this revelation. It is impossible to see what we have no idea about.. Any image or statue in a religious temple has the status of an image of the Lord God, but with a reservation, in accordance with the revelations that descended from an authoritative source. This is not to say that it looks different for everyone, it will be wrong. That's right – the image of the Lord for the beholder corresponds to the quality of his knowledge.

  5. Probably you, like many other ordinary people, confuse two related concepts of God with a Deity. As for God, what this concept is, philosophy explains well to us Absolute Reality, whereas A deity can have different statuses. For example, a Buddha who has reached Nirvana can also be considered a Deity. The deity will be the Demiurge, the Creator of the entire universe; the deities will be his creative aspects, the Archangels and the hosts of angels. If with the first concept (God) we are dealing with a Monadic essence, then in the second we are dealing with a Monadic Being. A being can take on any shape as it pleases, whereas the essence of God is simply absolute and precise – it is the essence of God.Absolute Reality.

  6. The Creator is a global law descending on us, which builds us, creates our universe, controls everything, starting with elementary particles, cells and through all organisms in a whole huge structure.

    The Creator is the general nature of the universe. When we delve deeper into this nature, we see that the Creator is thought. This is roughly how Einstein imagined the unified law of the universe. Today, scientists come to the conclusion that behind the physical laws there is a thought that controls them. In practice, this means approaching the limit of the possibilities of comprehension in this world. Then only sensory cognition begins. All the sensations of a person occur inside him. Even those who have not yet felt the influence of Higher forces and have not seen the light with their inner vision can imagine that there is something higher, and no matter how we call it, this name will reflect our perception, and not Himself. For example, the Creator is the Highest relative to us, because He created us. This Layer is a uniform field, similar to a force field.

  7. No one has ever seen God. The Bible says that”God is a Spirit” (John 4:24), meaning that He has a spiritual body; this form of life is not visible to the human eye. The Bible also says: “The Lord is a God who loves mankind and is merciful, long-suffering and abounding in mercy and truth” (Exodus 34: 6). So He has qualities and feelings, He is not a faceless force, but a Spiritual Person!

  8. The god was large shaped like a male head elongated triangular inside was fasteners, there was a living material.Sun, still made alive by the angels of others.No one explains to me why it was cut.His height at the moment is 1m80cm.Solnce one of the angels pushes and constantly keeps not listening.In space, the Sun, Moon, satellites, space ships, I think there are.Everyone has the right to exist God, material, living.

  9. God is the male information component of the Solar System. It cannot “look” any more than a word, a song, a mind, and so on can “look”. For example, we know what a sperm looks like. But the sperm is only a carrier of hereditary information, not the information itself (not God himself). We can observe the sperm, but the information contained in it cannot be observed.

    As for the information carrier of God, we can confidently observe this. This is the so-called Kuiper Belt:



  10. Every religion has its own opinion on this matter. If we talk about the Biblical God, then he does not have the form because It is Spirit – that is, another form of being that has no form – which is like asking what the intellect or mind looks like…

  11. Next to me is a creature with an elongated triangular head.I think it's a crippled God.The reconstruction of God,material,and living things is based on it.Some of the information is on Instagram.

  12. We don't know what God looks like, and we won't know…. God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are depicted on the icon: The Holy Trinity. How to understand That God is 1 if God has 3 faces? It's simple, it's only one clover, and there are 3 sheets! That's it!

  13. It's different for everyone. For me, a gray-haired man with a beard, in a white shirt to the knees and slippers on bare feet.
    Yes, even the eyes glow like …I can't put it into words.

  14. God is made up of muscles, of course teeth and organs, without them it is impossible to create flesh and bone. It will be a shock to you what God looks like in the son of man! “Revelations” Tells God about himself.

  15. The Creator (God the Father) is eternal and infinite in size! And He-does not have the appearance of a human body at all! On the contrary, It is the Universal Ocean of the Most Refined Consciousness, the basic qualities of which are also perfect Love, Wisdom and Power! He's not the old man on the cloud! And to sit to the right of the Infinite… – after all, there is no possibility!
    This typically pagan view of God was based on ignorance of Him. And it contradicted what Jesus Christ taught.

    About the word God.

    The word�God�has different meanings.

    The main one is God in the Aspect of Primordial Consciousness, which is also called the Creator, God the Father, Ishvara, Allah, Tao, and other words in various human languages. When we say “God”, we mean, first of all, this is the meaning of this word.

    Word�People also refer to a specific incarnate Representative of the Creator-Christ, Messiah, or Avatar.

    Everyone can try to walk the path to full knowledge of this Reality for as long as they have enough desire and strength. If you do not manage to reach the end in this earthly life — then you will have a great reserve for further progress in the next incarnation.

    … However, it happens that people start worshipping fictional “gods” — real or fairy-tale characters. This characterizes the level of intellectual development of those people. Although they have adult bodies, they continue to play children's games: in this case, “religion”. Do not despise them and condemn them for this: they — in their psychogenesis (development of souls) — just have not yet matured to an adult attitude to God.

    The most striking examples of such “God — making”, in my opinion, are the Hindu Ganesha (a man with an elephant's head) and the image of God the Father adopted in the countries of “European culture” in the form of an old man on a cloud, to the right of which Jesus is sitting.

    But the Primordial One has no forms like the bodies of humans or animals. It is the infinite Ocean of Universal Consciousness. And to sit to the right (or on any other side) of the Infinite — there is no possibility!

    As far as Jesus is concerned, He is not a terrible and terrible Judge, as so many people believe. But He is a Tender Love that we should learn from Him!

    He is Light-Fiery and manifests Himself in relationships with worthy embodied people with Divine Love-Tenderness, Love-Care.

    The same can be said of any of the Holy Spirits. After all, they became Saints precisely because they mastered these qualities, developed them in Themselves.


    Let's find out who is JESUS CHRIST and who are the Saints?

    In the view of many people who consider themselves Christians, at least in Russia, Christ is like the last name of Jesus. Therefore, these two words (Jesus and Christ) are inextricably linked in their minds.
    But in fact, “Christ” is not a surname, but rather a position. Christ is a Greek word; its Hebrew counterpart is Mashiach, in modern pronunciation-Messiah. These words refer to Someone who comes to Earth from God the Father — as a part of Him-to provide spiritual help to incarnate people on the highest Divine level.

    To understand the truth about this phenomenon, it is necessary to understand well that God the Father is both an Integral Consciousness and a set of former human Consciousnesses that have merged into It, because these individual Consciousnesses that have reached full spiritual self-realization in the past remain in the Abode of the Father in a state of mutual co-dissolution, forming a single Whole.

    We read about this in the Gospel of Philip:
    “The sons of the Bridal Chamber/ Abode of the Father, where there is a Fusion with Him in the mutual Embrace of Love / have the same name / ie. all of them are now God the Father/”.

    But They — these former people who have become consubstantial with the Father-are also able to separate themselves again for a time, if it is necessary to fulfill some task of the Father.
    Therefore, it is equally true that Christ is a part of God the Father, and that He was not always the Father, but had a human history in the past. After His Fusion with the Father, after reaching full Perfection, He then returned from the Original Consciousness as a Part of It to people with the Mission of helping them.

    There have been several Christs on Earth in the approximately million-year history of human existence. They appeared on Earth at different times and among different peoples, each time creating centers of spiritual culture, expounding knowledge about God, the meaning of people's life on Earth and their Path to the final Goal. Jesus Christ was one of Them.

    The attempt to insist, as some theologians do, that Jesus was the only Messiah, based on the fact that He was called the Only Begotten of the Father, is clearly not valid, because the word “only begotten” clearly means “one by birth”, “one by descent”, but not “the only one”. Jesus was the only Messenger of God the Father only to the people with whom he was communicating at that time.
    Before Jesus, the Father's Messenger in the same region of the Earth was Melchesidek.

    Part 2.
    God continues to take care of us — constantly reminding us of Himself through His Messiahs and prophets.

    The term “Son,” as Jesus Himself explains, is not at all appropriate in this context. For every person must learn to feel God as their Father or Mother, and themselves as their son or daughter.

    There is God the Father – the Primordial Consciousness of the universe, a boundless, ever-living universal Organism.�It evolves.

    For this purpose, from time to time, He creates material worlds in different parts of the universe, in which He embodies the smallest particles of His energy in material carriers, so that they grow – in quantitative and qualitative terms – to Godlike and then merge into It, enriching It with themselves.

    We are the consciousnesses, the energy of consciousnesses. Not bodies, not minds. And God is also a Consciousness, only infinitely greater than our consciousness.

    God the Father is the Supreme Primordial Universal Consciousness that exists in the subtlest eon of multidimensional space. He is the Ultimate Goal for all people.

    Its main Manifestation, Representative, active Organizer and Curator of life on any inhabited planet is the Holy Spirit.
    And we should also strive to reach the state of Holy Spirits, to become one of Them.

    After all, they were once the same as us, embodied people. They only developed Themselves into Divinity before we did.

    In other words — in order to become Consubstantial with the One, We are All Those Who, in the entire infinite history of God's Existence, have become Perfect and merged into the Creator.
    But it is only possible to merge in this way in the emotions of tender mutual love. And to do this, you need, among other things, to be able, having learned this while living in the body, to love emotionally, to fall in love, to intertwine in one with the hands of love, to unite souls consisting of developed spiritual hearts. And there is an opportunity to learn this only by loving your own kind of worthy incarnates, embracing them, merging souls. Therefore, the main direction of spiritual development should be recognized as work with the spiritual heart*, which will be adequate for both adults and children.

    The most important method for implementing most of these ethical principles is to develop a spiritual heart that produces emotions of love (“The kingdom of God is within you,” in the words of Jesus).
    Without developing the emotions of love, further progress towards God is impossible.

    For the development of the spiritual heart.
    We visualize the sun in our chest, which with its rays-handles strokes everything that it meets.
    It has become a tradition to send rays of sunny love to people and nature.

    the book: “Ecopsychology”, V. Antonov

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