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  1. A smart person is someone who uses his brain skillfully.

    The main purpose of the brain is to develop and make decisions.
    Solutions to life's challenges!

    A task like “buy a smartphone” is relatively simple – you need to make a reasonable choice!

    A task like “master thinking” is more complex. We need to break it down into simpler tasks.

    For example, a simple task is to train your brain!

    To train your brain, you need cases – problem situations where you need to find a solution. Where to get cases – in life, in literature.

    You can start with stories about Sherlock Holmes: you read the description of the situation and analyze the data as best you can.

    Then follow the work of the Great Detective, compare: in what you were on a par with him, and in what you lagged behind.
    So you can develop your own method, stronger than that of Holmes.

    You can do the same by reading/listening to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe novels.

    Learn from the great ones, stay ahead of them!

    And to do this, gather a Community of Great Minds!

    I have two powerful minds in this Community:
    1 / Yuri Mukhin and his books;
    2 / Mikhail Weller and his books, especially “The Adventures of Major Zvyagin”. Read it, you won't regret it.
    You will clearly see how Zvyagin solves seemingly unsolvable problems.

    Live with reasonable people, learn from them to think, solve problems – you will not only be smarter, but also smarter than your friends!

    All Reasonable Things!

  2. Being smart means distinguishing the harmful from the useful.

    Being smart means getting what you need and avoiding what you don't want.

    Being smart means being able to take a step outside when habits and routine begin to bind the mind and soul.

    Being smart means being able to be content with little and not be burdened by it. and resist the temptation of luxury, not to let yourself get bogged down in it.

    Being smart means remembering that the smart achievement itself is worthless. It doesn't make you happier, kinder, or better. It's just a tool, like a hammer or sewing needle.

    Being smart means experiencing a constant, ticklish curiosity about how the world works.

    Being smart means not being embarrassed by your ignorance and not being lazy to learn.

    The most important thing – to be smart – is to keep the ability to enjoy life!

  3. This is just a cliched label that everyone understands through the prism of their experience and their life. For some, a smart person will be someone who is well versed in technology, and for others, a doctor of humanities will be smart, who may not understand technology at all. I believe that in any case, this label is based on the level of a person's knowledge of information in breadth and depth, the ability to analyze it and use it rationally. This includes the absence of rigid prejudices, and erudition, and ingenuity. Just the level of all this to define a person as smart is different for everyone.

  4. What does it mean to be smart?

    It means:

    • Don't worry about whether you're smart or not
    • Don't stop others from feeling smart, even if they're not
    • Do not ask such questions to others, so as not to confuse others with their suspicion or hint at their stupidity.
    • Don't be discouraged if you realize that you are an “unintelligent person.” Don't try to correct this misunderstanding in yourself! Your efforts to get rid of this flaw will only further and deeply develop this quality to a more modest size.
    • Do not try to remember the above, you may compromise yourself
  5. Being smart means seeing things from the perspective of the whole, seeing the myriad threads that connect an object or event to others. In other words, to look through the eyes of God, or, as Spinoza wrote, sub specie eternitatis, which means from the point of view of eternity. It is clear that this can only be resorted to, because so many things interfere: race, origin, condition, environment, case… No wonder they believe that knowledge alone does not make a person smarter, this is partly true. You also need glue that binds bundles of knowledge and the ability to see the forest behind the trees. Most likely, this cannot be learned, because it is inherited. History knows smart people in different ways: rich and poor, evil and kind, gloomy and cheerful. Compliance with accepted ethical and social positive norms is usually shown by a person who is on the next �step from smart, he is called wise. The mind is an opportunity, a bridge to cross into the greater land of wisdom. This is why it is valuable.

  6. Pascal once remarked that there is a mind of the mind, and there is a mind of the heart – and these are different minds. Lenin was a very intelligent man, but what was his mind directed at and what did it lead him and those who followed him to? The story is basically known.
    So, what is the mind? The mind in my opinion is an intellectual ability of a person. The question is where it is directed. This is the tool that is used – the only question is how it is used and by whom. There is a saying that intelligence combined with kindness is wisdom. A mind without kindness is cunning, cunning, devilish mind, that is, the ability to deceive, entice others, persuade and manipulate others, and so on. The trick is also basically the ability of the mind to look for intellectual moves in order to force others to do what is beneficial to you, use people, etc. And even though the devil's mind looks like a mind, it is actually madness – the angle is important here. After all, everything in the world can be viewed from a different perspective – what looks like a benefit in the short term is a loss in the long term, etc. For me as a Christian, there is a distinction between a sound mind and a fallen mind, God's wisdom from the devil's guile. Sanity is thinking straight. Prudence is a mind directed to the search for the real good for oneself and one's neighbors.�

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all who keep his commandments have a faithful understanding(Psalm 110:10).

    19 The wisdom of this world is foolishness in the sight of God, as it is written, “He catches the wise in their wickedness.
    ” 20 And again, ” The Lord knows the thoughts of wise men that they are vain.”
    (1 Corinthians 3: 19,20)

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