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  1. “Whoever fights monsters should be careful not to become a monster himself. And if you stare into the abyss for a long time, the abyss also looks into you.”�

    A more complete version, with it everything becomes clear…

    “Never fight a pig. You're bound to get dirty, and the pig is only happy about it. “(Not a perfect synonym for Nietzsche's phrase)
    The closer you get to something, the more it affects you. What you will strive for – you will come to that in the end.

  2. By the way, this idea is often repeated in Russian “cop” and crime series. “A thief and a cop are two sides of the same coin” (I think this is an Anti-killer, but something similar happened in “Bandit Petersburg”).

  3. The Abyss is Chaos. Looking into the abyss is trying to structure chaos. The procedure is extremely expensive and the brain resource may not be enough. You “fly off the rails” and become part of the Chaos yourself.

  4. As I've seen it, it sounds a little different: “The more you look into the abyss, the more the abyss looks into you.” In this case, it should be interpreted somewhat differently. Namely, the more you engage in dark mystical things, the more parallel worlds are interested (to put it mildly) in this person. And not the fact that they are “light”.

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