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  1. Of course, she wasn't alone. There are many of them. But, most likely, they should be reduced mainly to the person (for the German philosopher Schelling, there is no doubt that “the solution of all problems that have arisen in our time should be sought first in ourselves, on our own soil”). After all, man is an active being. He is able to transform the reality around him in a certain way, according to himself, that is, in accordance with established goals.

    And then you should think about what these goals are, where and how they arise in it? What is the basis of them?

    And this is what knowledge is mainly (and) about. The presence of one (them) in the shower and gives the output of one (results): views and worldviews, and with them, again, goals, and others-others…

    After all, in order for a person to make conscious and correct decisions, set (true) goals, he needs proper knowledge, both about himself and about the world in which he finds himself.

    And in connection with what else, perhaps, one can raise the question: how much can a person hope for knowledge and science in all this, or is it worth paying attention to something else?…

  2. The main problem of our day is not a problem about God, as many people think, as Christians who call for a religious revival often think — the main problem of our day is primarily a problem of man.

    ..I'm quoting what the Internet offers to answer a question from a social science test) If we are talking about him, then the answer is this.

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