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  1. Chaos is not better organized – it is only the simplest state of matter, which, in the absence of organizing forces of order, always tends to the most equilibrium state.

    To overcome chaos, work must be done on self-organization, work against entropy.

    Spilling cereal is always easier than picking it up, being angry is always easier than being kind, having a habit of drinking is always easier than having a habit of running.

    But only the work of self-organization, of structuring matter, can create pyramids of simple stones, a starfish of chemical elements, Paganini's whims of chaotic air movement.

    All self-organization in the universe is triggered by its intelligent Will and Intent.

  2. I understood the meaning of this phrase. The person who wrote it believed that order (the opposite of chaos) not in its purest form, which means that everything we see around us is born out of chaos (randomness), but the whole world lives according to some laws (its organization), laws born out of chaos.

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