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  1. It all depends on the context and sentence in which this emoticon is used. Some people call this emoticon a “sly smile”. Usage examples:

    • if you used some kind of sharp phrase or teasing of the interlocutor;

    • if any plans are discussed, they are usually of a fun nature and a smiley face is used to indicate the idea of a general plan. Something like, ” Well, can we have some fun on Friday?”;

    • it is used for flirting and flirting with a person. Banal tackle: “Hey beauty, mom doesn't need a son-in-law?”;

    • when a person does not believe what is said or considers this or that story fictional. “Of course I believe you.”;

    • sometimes the interlocutor can use this emoticon in cases when they once gave advice, but they did not listen to it and failed or were wrong. “You see, I was right.”

    Maybe someone else will add in other answers.

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