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  1. In short: the clash of two generations with different worldviews, human stupidity, greed, frivolity, lies, selfishness, envy. The dependence of the opinion of a particular person on the opinion of the majority, his lack of will and bending under the highest in position. Unrequited love, using other people for your own benefit, harassment. These problems have always been in society and are likely to remain there.

  2. The problem of “madness” and “mind” in Griboyedov's comedy “Woe from Wit”

    Griboyedov in his comedy “Woe from Wit”, told the reader about how Alexander Chatsky is a very smart and modern man, was known in society as “completely devoid of wit”. Why did this happen? Why did the environment make such a verdict? Maybe the man really looked stupid against the background of the others or behaved quite abnormally?

    Chatsky, who has lived in Russia all his life, decided to leave. He was abroad for a long time, and upon returning to his homeland, he immediately paid a visit to the family of a girl with whom he had previously been in a serious relationship. However, the heart of Sofia Famusova was not free, and the young man decides to find out who now takes his “place”.

    Sofia's father, Pavel Famusov, is a lustful and calculating old man who also chooses a groom for his daughter. But it is not based on the desires of the girl. There are several selection criteria for this user, such as their current position and the” size ” of their wallet. Chatsky doesn't fit any of the criteria. In addition, his fiery speeches are very alarming to the widower. Alexander promotes freedom of speech and choice of actions. He does not intend to “bend” and serve, in order to achieve the goal. In each sentence, you can hear an aggressive attitude against existing “traditions”. The young man clearly condemns public hypocrisy and does not intend to be like the majority.

    From a big mind, Chatsky goes against everyone? Perhaps the man only needed to mentally stay with his opinion, and not shake the air in vain?! Seeing the picture of what is happening, was it worth turning society against you? After all, if you look from the outside, it really looks like madness! Yes, the man is right, and his “sermon” deserves praise, but in the wrong place, and at the wrong time! The man saw who was around him! He got into a” gathering ” of sycophants, hypocrites and henpecked people, and if he didn't like the “company” initially, he could just leave it in silence. That would be more reasonable, on Alexander's part. He still did not redo them, only spoiled his opinion about himself, and “tarnished” his reputation.

    True, it is very important, but everyone will still have their own one. Chatsky is actually insane if he was hoping to change the thinking and habits of others over the centuries. This is not only a useless activity, but also, as it turned out, disastrous for “glory”. Fighting for highly moral behavior, a man forgets about the right to choose. The Moscow society made it. Yes, the way they go is disgusting, immoral and leads to the destruction of the individual, but this is their right! No one has to ask his permission, and insulting people is not a sign of”great intelligence”.

    Chatsky is right about everything! Society should not grovel and “bend” to each other, for the sake of self-interest. However, who needs this truth if the situation can't be fixed anyway?! Famusovsky society severely “punished” him for “abandoned” words. The man looks very pathetic in the eyes of those people who once knew him. He tried to present himself with dignity as a person, but in the end, offended and humiliated by Sophia's betrayal, he leaves her house forever.

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