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  1. Transhumanism is a very broad topic, so it would be extremely difficult to give a brief overview of the literature on this subject. Therefore, I can only be guided by my own, of course, subjective preferences.

    If we are talking about “general” publications, with which you can start your acquaintance with transhumanism, then I would first of all recommend the book by Alexey Turchin and Mikhail Batin “Futorologiya” (2012). Also noteworthy is the collection of articles edited by Valeria Pride and Andrey Korotaev ” New technologies and the continuation of human evolution? Transhumanist Project of the Future “(2008).

    In my opinion, these books are most interesting because they were written not by some distant luminaries of foreign science, but by active figures of the Russian transhumanist movement. Most of the authors are on Facebook and other social networks, regularly give lectures and hold other events, and at the same time do a lot of really cool things – in general, if you are interested in the topic and have additional questions, you can always get first-hand answers to them.

    Among foreign literature, I was most impressed by Aubrey de Grey's book ” Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime”. It very vividly describes the main directions of the development of modern science, which can help to achieve a radical extension of life not for our hypothetical descendants, but for you and me. Very inspiring, you know.

    I probably won't touch on fiction. There are quite a lot of works on this topic, of varying degrees of adequacy. I will only say that in my opinion, the Strugatskys ' works about the world of Noon are very close in spirit to the transhumanist ideas. Not so much in terms of describing specific technologies, but in the context of an optimistic, but at the same time naive, view of Human and human development.

    As for the films, everything is much sadder here. Still, cinema is much more created according to the laws of mass culture and tries to play on human emotions and fears – therefore, transumanistic ideas in most films are not presented in the most favorable light. An interesting and not quite typical example here is the recent “Superiority” with Depp. The film is far from ideal and packed with Hollywood templates, but at the end there is still a sense of rightness of the main character and the positivity of his ideas.

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