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  1. If in appearance, then I think that a girl should take care of herself..A clean, well-groomed girl is nice to see, even if outwardly not quite a model. Personally, I don't really focus on appearance, but rather pay attention to behavior and character.. If you want to continue the relationship, then you need to come to terms with the inner nature, and not the external appearance))

  2. First of all, I look at the face, if I like the face, then I like the whole girl, and if I don't like her face, then everything else doesn't matter anymore.


    Despite the obvious idea that all women are different, we can observe similar trends in their behavior. You see a sea of beautiful women, but all of them are somehow similar in that they put themselves on display to the crowd, like goods on the shelves. This is a market relationship. Currency — the attention of other women (envy) and men (pride). Beat your rivals and hook the man you like.

    A woman's self-confidence depends on whether she is considered beautiful or not. Rather, it falls under the standards of modern beauty or not. Previously, for example, the mob had a lower status than the nobility. Therefore, even a beautiful serf was lower in status, in importance, than a noble ugly maiden. Currently, in our society, people are not divided into classes. But categorization happens. Women are divided into beautiful and ugly. Instead of paying full attention to a woman's spiritual qualities, all attention is focused on her appearance. “If she is beautiful, then you can deal with her” is such a harmful belief.

    Beauty is not the most important quality in the person you want to build a relationship with. This should NOT be taken into account in the first place. But most modern women rely on beauty and burn out. Because that doesn't make them successful in life. Being beautiful is not so difficult in our modern world. There are many beautiful things. There are many beautiful phenomena. But this is one of many properties. Yes, this is a fascinating property. But so what?

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  4. Voices and hands – I don't like too high timbre and short fingers with short nails. It really pisses me off-it seems like a smart person, and if my hands are ugly, I can't do anything with myself, it doesn't attract me.

  5. In appearance? I am attracted primarily to the texture, so that everything is perfect based on the complexion. And then there are women who will pump up their ass, but with a small stupid head and disproportionate shoulders.

  6. Hair, this is straight kapets as cool. Healthy and shiny. Beautiful, smooth and healthy teeth. Very attracted to cheerfulness and positivity, more than once noticed. Still smallness, it is necessary that the girl was smaller than me. She looked fragile. Femininity. The voice is important.

  7. I always look at how a person dresses, whether they have a sense of style and taste in general. Then I pay attention to the figure and face. Rather, this point is instinctive, laid down by nature (usually the partner was chosen with the most symmetrical physique and face, because this indicates his health and, as a result, healthy offspring). But after communicating with a person, the main thing for me is who they are. Character, habits, temperament, dialect, and so on.

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