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  1. You don't need any force to move. These are some ideas from the time of Aristotle. Force to maintain movement is needed only when there is an opposing force-friction, air resistance, and other things that we encounter in everyday life. And a free body in outer space, which is not affected by any forces, will move at a constant speed.

    However, the Earth is affected by the Sun's gravity, and because of it, the Earth does not fly in a straight line, but moves around the Sun.

  2. The law of inertia and the law of conservation of momentum with energy. The planet is not moved, but it continues to fly after some explosion, whether it is an explosion of a star or an explosion from the collision of two planets-particles moving at the same speed in the same direction began to attract each other and eventually overgrown with mass, flying past the Sun were held in orbit by gravity and gradually a planet was formed.

  3. Inert force of attraction.

    and as you put it, 5 sextillion tons in this big cycle is less than a grain of sand.

    The earth rotatesThe sun

    The sun is being rotated by a black hole(what's at the center of the milky way)

    A black hole is being rotated by some unknown object (???)

    Perhaps there is a further chain, but this is still unknown to humanity. and even the speed has not yet been calculated.

  4. We were taught that the Sun is the center of gravity…
    What do we know about the Sun? That it gives us light and warmth as a result of the fact that it radiates energy… But, what is this radiated energy? This is the flow of matter radiating away from the Sun. A moving stream of matter can only repel.

  5. How deep in the human brain is the belief in the validity of Newtonian attraction…
    A simple example: if it is true that the planets are attracted to the sun, then during the days of the parade of planets we should observe a significant correction of the orbits of the planets. Since, on these days, the vectors of the attractive forces are co-directed, the derivatives of these forces should at least add up to,..

    BUT! There is no correction of the orbits. This indicates the failure of the foundations of the theory of gravity.

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