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  1. Perhaps there will be all sorts of answers like: “love” “feelings”, etc., but this rarely happens forever. Tattoos are often permanent� � � � � � � � � � � �.

  2. Forever / always – a characteristic of the temporal (temporal) infinity of something, its eternity, or rather the measure (“quantity”) of eternity. This eternity can be understood in two ways (for our case):

    1. as an absolute timeless duration or as an infinite repeatability of finite time cycles – “the eternity of the world”;

    2. as measured by finite intervals of physical time, but not reducible to them, the metaphysical duration of the “life” of something, the duration of its realization, unfolding in the fullness of its essence – the “eternity of life”.

    First-order eternity is not comparable to the measure of eternity possessed by a finite human being, such as the questioner and/or the responder. Looking at the ” big “outside world, we cannot be sure that anything that we observe during the course of human life or the life of humanity as a whole, and in these intervals defined as permanent or “eternal”, outside of these periods will not go into oblivion. The answer to this question is negative: there is nothing that is permanent (if not obvious, then at least provable for man as a finite being).

    However, second-order eternity gives rise to “optimism” in this matter. All events that define a person in his human being happen once and for all. That is, once they happen, they cannot be canceled, replaced, reproduced in the sense of copying and replicating. Once and for all (for life): the birth of a person, the experience of joy and suffering, the experience of love and loneliness, the experience of finding oneself, the experience of experiencing mortality and … the experience of death… These and other existential events and their interpretation are not the content, the content of life (there can't be many of them on a daily basis), but the “supporting structure”, the structure of life (so there can't be none at all). And if we look at life from the point of view of these main events, then the answer to the question is positive – everything in life (I repeat – in the life of a person as a person) happens forever.

    Something like that…. Good luck! 😉

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