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  1. There are no theories close to science. This topic is raised by science, but as far as I know, there is no scientific evidence that there is an afterlife. Therefore, it is possible to learn about what will happen after death only through acquaintance with the One who created us. He knows all the answers that scientists can't answer.

  2. The solution to this question is beyond all experience, so all” fabrications ” on the topic of post mortem will remain just beautiful philosophemes. The only analogy that can be drawn with regard to death (namely, as a state after stating brain death) is to try to remember yourself in the continuation of a deep and serene dreamless sleep, or try to remember “themselves” to birth: I think in the first and second cases, we are dealing with, anyway, idle (away) of the brain, therefore, to expect that our I will continue to exist after the “failure” and “dismantling” of the “Central CPU” – brain a bit, I'm sorry, naive…)

  3. man is made up of two substances – material and spiritual. Spiritual substance is the soul, a part of the world of God. Each person develops consciousness – primary, responsible for receiving and processing information from the outside world (intelligence of the level of a 6-year-old child), then secondary (adult intelligence), as well as Personality. Human consciousness (primary and secondary) is an integral part of the consciousness of the material system (in other terminology – the devil), from which he mostly comes different thoughts. A person's personality must develop to such an extent as to find and know the Soul, merge with it, as a result, a person can become a spiritual being (angel), and pass into the world of God for further eternal life.

    If this does not happen, the person's personality remains a layer in the soul – an information shell, which is called a subpersonality. The soul itself does not initially possess its own intelligence. The soul can be re-implanted in a person's body (on the eighth day after birth), and go on a new round with a new person. if history repeats itself, and a person has not fulfilled his main purpose , a new subpersonality is added to the soul, and everything is anew. I calculated that there are already several thousand such subpersonalities in my soul. Perhaps I will suffer the same fate… Active subpersonalities can take over a person's consciousness for a while – examples of this can sometimes be seen on TV shows of geeks like “I am the best”, when a child about 5 years old spars in several foreign languages, plays chess like a grandmaster, or plays the piano as if he graduated from a conservatory… Subsequently, the main personality is activated, and the subpersonality takes its main place, where it sees, hears, feels everything – but can do nothing. It is this state that can be considered hell (that is, hell does not threaten us – we have already been born in hell (the material world), and our task is to get out of it to the world of God (Paradise)). In medicine, there are cases of “split personality” – when the subpersonality has an impact at an older age. Moreover, there may be more than two such “bifurcated” ones…

    This is described in more detail in the book Allatra-download from the Internet, where you can also find other important knowledge.

    Over time, science will develop to the point where it can logically explain everything. Then our civilization may be able to take the first stage of development. Or another one will take its place… (like ours once was).

  4. The soul is energy, energy does not disappear anywhere, but only changes its shape. For this reason, he simply puts on another place in space and among all the worlds.

  5. At its core, man is an ascending creature who moves from essence to essence gaining life experience gradually approaches Paradise by learning and gaining experience in other mansion worlds. Our goal is the corps of completion in paradise. Paradise is the center of the entire universe around which the entire universe revolves all the galaxies including our Milky Way. All people go through aging and physical death. Man is just a chemical-electrical mechanism of animal origin. The only and immortal substance is the soul, which is born out of the interaction of mind, personality, and the divine so-called thought adjuster . She inevitably falls asleep after death and recovers after the arrival of the Arbiter's Son on earth in another mansion world. The final Arbiter was the creator son Michael of Nebadon, who was undergoing his seventh bestowal as his lowest creation, a man named Jesus . There is not a single living soul on Earth anywhere they do not fly and do not stay! They are in a sleep state until the Referee arrives.

  6. I have studied Buddhism (and from a disciple of one Saint), biophysics, genetic engineering, and quantum mechanics. He was an altar boy in the Church of St. George the Victorious. I can say that the closest theory to the real world is quantum physics. Nothing disappears anywhere. Energy is released and it takes on a new form. Waves (bioelectromagnetism) and particles are entangled with other pairs in the universe (perhaps there are limitations – the solar system and the heliosphere). Alas, rebirth is progeny. Heaven and hell are frequency. On the one hand, your personal life, on the other, what word is remembered about you. Well, by and large, what a contribution to humanity you have made.

  7. The Bible agrees with science with what happens after death. According to the Holy Scriptures, the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing:

    “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing …” (Eccl. 9: 5)

    The dead don't know anything because they don't have thinking. Life is a gift from God, and death is the absence of this gift.

    “…for sin is death, but the gift of God is life … ” (Rom. 6: 23)

    What was before birth, then after death. A dead person does not continue to live somewhere else, but he is in an unconscious state. For this reason, the Bible encourages you to do what you can during your lifetime, since after death there is no knowledge, wisdom, or work and reflection:

    “Whatever your hand can do, do with all your might; for in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no meditation, no knowledge, no wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9: 10).

    Jesus also compared death to sleep:

    “After he had said this, he said to them,' Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to wake him up. His disciples said, ” Lord! if he falls asleep, he will recover. Jesus was talking about his death, and they thought He was talking about an ordinary dream. Then Jesus said plainly to them, “Lazarus is dead” (John 11: 11-14).

    The dead do not know anything, and are in a state of sleep. When we sleep, we don't know what's going on around us. The state of a dead person is similar to that of a dead animal. The Bible says:

    “for the fate of the sons of men and the fate of the animals is the same: as they die, so do these also, and all have one breath, and man has no advantage over the cattle, for all is vanity! All things go to one place: all things are made of dust, and all things will return to dust” (Ecclesiastes 3: 19,20).

    Thus, the Bible does not support the doctrine of the afterlife of many religions, but it is consistent with science. However, perhaps the question arises, will the person live again? The righteous Job knew the truth about the state of the dead, so he asked a fair question:

    “When a man dies, will he live again?…” (Job 14: 14)

    The righteous Job received an answer from God to his question, which was agreed upon not only from the point of view of God, but also today from the point of view of science.

    Would you like to know the answer to the question, will a person live a dream based on the Bible according to science?

  8. Science does not deal with this issue. This is the realm of faith. The answer must be found in the theological teachings of various religions, including the religions of Satanism (paganism).

  9. It depends on what kind of science it is.

    The humanities are more focused on a person as a Person, while the natural sciences are more focused on a person as a material body.Accordingly, the theories that are close to them will be very different.

    I didn't find any answers about the proximity to “geological sciences”, so I'm joining the discussion.

    In TZ geology, the death of a biological individual is the moment of its transition from the biosphere to the lithosphere. The human individual has no special features in this sense.

    After death, the former “living matter”(©-Vernadsky) is redistributed between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and other individuals of the biosphere (animals, plants). Geology studies what happens with a non-volatile and “inedible” component. Formally, hydrogeochemistry refers to what happens with soluble components, but I haven't heard of any serious research on this.

    The processes of “biogenic lithification” (the formation of sediments from the former substance of the biosphere) are extremely diverse and depend on a variety of conditions and circumstances, the group of “climatic”ones is better studied. Soft tissues gradually turn into clay (aluminosilicate) and carbonaceous minerals and phases (oil, combustible gas), bone – into carbonate and, more rarely, phosphate minerals. So in arid climates, the substance of teeth can directly turn into the mineral turquoise.

    In geology, what is mentioned is rather “applied” or empirical knowledge, and I strongly doubt that such knowledge can be of interest to theorists. In any case, I haven't come across any theories that are close to this, and “why assume (theorize) if you know for sure?”

    I have met geologists (inclined to philosophize) who believe that at the same time “life continues”, but at a much slower (“geological”) pace, at which a thousand “biospheric” years is equivalent to seconds/minutes of “lithospheric” time.

    This approach may be able to develop into a “theory close to science”©.

  10. Well, it's best to ask funeral directors and crematoriums. Either the ashes turn out, or the meat is rotten, or the contents of someone's stomach, or a mummy, or something else, then the substances from them can become part of something new, even you and me or a bottle of Shishkin Forest. And consciousness disappears, like the memory of a crushed and drowned smartphone. It is good if after the death of a person the results of good deeds remain, and not blood from the forehead on the floor of the church.

  11. Ah, well, I see now. That's how you know about science-from the comics.

    I will surprise you, but this is not the only or even the most reliable source of information.

  12. Just nothing, nothing. And not the one that we can realize, but completely nothing, the mind just disappears, we become a corpse that worms slowly eat.

  13. After death, there is no person, the body will turn to dust.. but there will be THINGS to DO! And yet, the Soul does not belong to him anymore,the information accumulated during zhini (deeds, Karma…)will be read from it. in the Temple of Ezekiel which is located on Nibiru…. The latter is fantastic even for science… EVERYTHING!

  14. Science knows NOTHING about death. No one has returned yet. And it is pointless to talk about this from the side of science. Since scientific theories about death are just as rubbish as Darwin's theory. After all, this theory was considered fundamental for many years, i.e. everything was like this and nothing else. And this is just a theory, not proven and not confirmed by anything.

  15. Everything is written in the Bible. …Everyone will be rewarded according to his faith…Perhaps this has a deep meaning. Faith, hope and love. What can be more important in this life?

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