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  1. This is a very difficult question, and the truth is that no one knows the answer to it – it is the riddle of death that makes our world as we know it. Perhaps everyone decides for themselves what will happen to their consciousness after death, and in this sense the answer is how you will live.

  2. A person consists of body, soul and spirit (consciousness). After death, the body is buried, and the soul and spirit remain where they should be – in the subtle world, which is not accessible to us from the material world.

  3. Perhaps our world is a kind of holographic cellular automaton created by us. And we are the real programmers and testers of this universe, the beings who control and develop this world. The body is probably a probe, which, like a spacesuit, helps us see the code from the inside. Experiments with the use of dimethyltryptamine hint at the existence of an infinite self-transforming hyperspace. Psychonauts who have visited the other side talk about the presence of an external superintelligence, which clearly informs us that our entire world is artificial. Rick Strassman has a paper on this research. One thing is certain – all religions are wrong. Only by dying, you can find out for sure)))

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